I Hate Working For ‘The Man’

I am a recent graduate. I got my Bachelor's of Science in May of 2017, and started working full time THE. NEXT. DAY. Well, actually, I started working for ‘The Man’ part time a week before finals rolled around, but still. I am your typical 23 year old, graduated and grabbed the first offer and ran. I figured this job would be a good fit for me, based solely on the fact that it would cover my rent, my gas, and all the other bills staring me in the face.

So a bit about me. I’ve ALWAYS been artistic and very creative (and clumsy). I actually was a Visualization major (graphic design & animation) at TAMU for a year. Well, I decided something numbers/business based would pay better in the long run, so I switched into the Economics program. So when a job offer of ‘Director of Marketing’ got offered to me I thought, ‘Wow! I can use ART AND NUMBERS.’ While this was true, it was NOTHING like I expected.

I got to do some graphic design and mess around with some numbers, but when I pushed to change up some marketing tactics and strategy, the answer was always NO. When I explained why changes should be made (industry standard, better ROI, etc, etc, etc) the answer was still NO. For months this went on. And slowly my creative spirit was crushed. And slowly my confidence shrank as my numbers weren’t as good as they could be with some changes but it was like I was pushing against a mountain.

And then I landed a freelance opportunity with a company in Houston. Re-branding a company for their 50th anniversary sounded fun, and it was! I got to do some research, and all sorts of creative (YAY!). And there was CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. I got told no, but we worked together to turn that no into a ‘That’s perfect’. I LOVED working WITH this company.

And it was in that moment I realized that I wanted to work WITH people and not FOR them. I had been (officially) bitten by the entrepreneurial bug.