Understanding the magnitude of Tesla’s $11b+ triumph

I think new Tesla M3 is huge. But!

I don’t believe that 100% of those preorders will be effectively purchases. 
Maybe 80%? People could get tired of waiting, could have problem to afford a such car next year. Whatever. It just happens.

Second part is delivery — we just don’t know how much it will cost to expand their manufacturing plant so fast to keep up with demand.

Please keep in mind that currently Tesla got only ~$276m, its just 2.3% of those orders. If Tesla would have any problems in getting on track with demand — many people could just drop their order. Growing manufacturing plan is not something that you can change easily or stop without huge waste of resources.

Remember it’s biggest pre-order in human history.
It’s not smartphone! It’s over 3,000 pounds of steel and electronics!

From manufacturing point of view this could be a great problem.
I think this is the biggest gamble Tesla ever took. Period.

But lets be honest Elon Musk is not just an average CEO.

I believe he can pull this if off.

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