In this piece, we’re focusing on archiving and we’re using a Mac. We will be discussing:


Archiving images, video footage and audio is harder than archiving documents and email. Why? Because you can search through documents and email using your OS’s built-in search feature, but you can’t search through images, video and audio without first adding metadata. Whereas for text-based files you can theoretically manage everything from the Finder, you’ll definitely need a cataloguing system to avoid a mess when it comes to audio, video and images. …

The market for case studies is said to be exploding and for a good reason. A case study reinforces a company’s reputation as a business that solves a customer’s problems. It’s a marketing tool that is designed to convince prospects a product or service will be a good fit for their needs.

Everyone who can write, can write a case study, but in order to write a testimonial that grabs readers’ attention and keeps them interested — glued to the page, even — you’ll need to know how to structure the story, excel at spelling and grammar, and have a…

The EU Parliament has given its blessing to the new Copyright Directive which aims to strengthen the position of EU-based creators — filmmakers, actors, musicians, journalists and writers — when negotiating with publishers and producers. It should lead to a fairer system of exploitation of their works and performances, but a lot of people, including academics who have reported on this issue, seem to believe the Directive will actually lead to less available content, legal confusion that can be taken advantage of, and more censorship within Europe.

The “Directive on copyright in the Digital Single Market” seeks to ensure that…

EFI VUTEk printing presses use LED technology to cure the ink


The paper in front of you is meant to clarify if mercury vapour lamps used in the printing industry for the UV curing of inks are going to be phased out in 2020 the latest and whether there is still a need to keep on curing ink with this old technology.

2020 is the year of a worldwide ban on mercury. In May 2014, the World Health Assembly (WHA), the forum through which the World Health Organisation (WHO) is governed by its 194 member states, started the implementation of the Minamata Convention on mercury (Hg) to protect human health…

A few weeks ago, I did a round of Public Relations people I know — I know quite a few — and asked them if they could tell me why they’d hire an external writer for their marketing content. From what I’ve read on LinkedIn, there’s a trend to create in-house teams of creatives who will write the content companies use for anything from commercials to marketing collateral. However, not all writers a company needs are creatives in the strict sense of the word.

Generally speaking, according to one of the PRs I asked about this, many companies in the…

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