Topix 1.0

Interactive Topic Discovery and Exploration

Today is the official public release of Topix, a new web application for interactive topic discovery and exploration.

Knowledge Discovery

Topix uses a process called topic modeling, a special case of machine learning, to automatically discover and extract implicit (“hidden”) topics from a document collection.

It includes state-of-the-art NLP algorithms that provide the power to further refine the discovery process by focusing on specific parts of speech or special entities of interest such as persons, places, organizations, locations, values and dates.

Topix is designed to provide the innovative data analyst, researcher or investigative journalist the tools to share insights quickly and effectively.

What can you do with Topix?

  • Extract the major topics (themes) and their proportions in a set of research projects, publications, and other document collections.
  • Extract entities such as persons, places, organizations, locations, numbers, and dates in a document collection.
  • Extract and curate a vocabulary from a document collection, including relevant parts of speech, including nouns, verbs, and adjectives.
  • Use your thesaurus or taxonomy for a particular domain of knowledge to find documents of interest.
  • Build a topic map for your website.
  • Find interesting patterns in a collection of user-defined categories or symbols (e.g., genetic sequences, instrument measurements, music notation).

Web Enabled

By providing this online service we hope to significantly increase experimentation, enable more rapid learning, and eventually build a shared repository of best practices, document collections, and models that can be shared and “mined” in order to accelerate progress in the practical use of topic modeling.

Bridge to Academic Research

We’re continually evaluating the latest research for breakthroughs in this field. We hope to provide a useful bridge between the recent and emerging innovations in academic research and the practical challenges that you face every day.

Demo Document Collections

Familiarize yourself with the process by selecting one of our demo document collections. We will be adding new ones frequently.

Learn about Topic Modeling with our Interactive Tutorial

Knowledge Matters!

We strongly believe that the discovery and sharing of real knowledge is fundamental to any free and thriving society. We hope Topix will help democratize and spread the understanding and use of topic discovery and exploration.


This public project was self-funded. Our goal is to leverage custom cloud or on-premise implementations and training for organizations with large document sets, database integration, website harvesting, and internal knowledge sharing needs.

We are committed to re-investing a portion revenues from these custom engagements back into the public version of Topix.