How to Leverage Your Talent Database

While many companies and organisations do understand that talent attraction and nurturing is critical for business growth and employer branding, what they seem to struggle with is building and leveraging their talent database. Many organisations spend quite a significant amount of money on social media efforts, but they do not know how to maximise the value of their recruitment efforts.

Typically, when recruiting, organisations post on job boards, engage potential candidates on social media and have a career site that is SEO optimized. You are most likely aiming to attract active job seekers or candidates open for new positions, which is great, but might lead to missing an opportunity to build your network of talented professionals. According to SmashFly’s aggregated view, 50–80% of the candidates drop out from the recruitment process when filling the application. Imagine, 50–80% of all the potential candidates, who have shown an interest towards your organisation, don’t even end up in your ATS! What a waste of talent!

So, how can you leverage your talent database and turn those 50–80% of potential candidates to leads in your ATS? Before getting there, I want to highlight one thing; what you should consider is making it easy for those people to show an interest towards your company. Note! “Show interest” is the key here.

Change Your Attitude

If you are willing to build a network of highly talented people that might turn into potential employees in the future, you need to change your organisation’s attitude. To attract the superstars of your field, you need to nurture them, make them feel important and build a relationship with them. Superstars very rarely specifically look for a new opportunity. They usually have vast networks and they get contacted for new opportunities. They often show interest towards certain companies already some time before considering changing.

OK, so now you know that you need to take an active role in building a network of talent and you are ready to nurture those 50–80%, who never even make it to your ATS.

Don’t Waste Their Time and Effort

So, what should you do next? Usually candidates go to your career site or job posting website and then click to know more, after which they are directed to your ATS. Then they need to fill applications, or send their CV via email. It might take only 5 minutes or less, but trust me, if you are just surfing and seeing what is out there, chances are you will end up in that 50–80%, who will not fill in the form or send that email. What you should aim for is capturing the basic information before they start the application process.

So, build a “apply for a job” button on your career site or on the job board. This will lead the candidate to a short basic information page, where they insert their name, phone number and email. You can also add the possibility of inserting their CV or LinkedIn link. Only after filling this, they will be directed to the application process. And voilà! You have built an easy, simple opt-in that will automatically leverage your talent database.

Keep It Up!

Now, what should you do with these candidates, who basically just showed some interest towards your organisation? Nurture them. Ask them out for a lunch. Send them a personalized message. Simply, stay connected, and be the first one to attract them once they consider changing.

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