All of them were non-smokers.

They generally stayed fit and trim by eating nutritious diets and exercising regularly.

Nearly all had healthy levels of cholesterol and blood pressure, which reduced their risk of developing cardiovascular disease, the #1 cause of death worldwide.

They owned their own homes or rented expensive residences, allowing them to live independently and stay mentally, physically, and socially active.

Most did not retire early, but instead actively worked until at least age 54.

None drank more than 4 cups of coffee per day.

Many reported having an optimistic outlook on life, which researchers said helped them embrace the power of positive thinking and combat stress and anxiety.

Are Alzheimer’s and dementia the same thing?

“Old is the new sexy.”

“It’s not the climb up the ladder that defines who you are, but the climb down.”


by veejaysai

“No shortcuts for quality”

Good genes are one thing, but you can also help game the system and age gracefully with these healthy lifestyle choices.

Aging In Beauty

The beauty in Aging and the Aging in Beauty. @AgingInBeauty

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