Be nice to everyone

Reading through the lines of Zuckerberg’s commencement speech at Harvard

One of the most important things Mark Zuckerberg covered in his speech was that we need to be nice to everyone, like KX Jin was with him.

Photo Credits: Mark Zuckerberg

I know that other things that he talked about were more catchy but for me that was one of the most important ones.

Now I can’t even count how many people are smashing their heads to a wall because they didn’t talk to him that day (In the first CS class).

On the other side KX Jin talked to him even though no one else did the same but instead they critisized him for his appearance (he was late at his first cs class and he wore his t-shirt inside out), and from then they’re together, building Facebook and before that working on problem sets at Harvard.

So my point is, we need to be nice to everyone, no matter what. Don’t criticize someone from his appearance, be friendly and kind 🙌🙏