If you could un-invent something, what it would be? Discuss why, potential repercussions, or a possible alternative.

I started writing this post without a plan/structure. I want to write a bunch of sentences and from them understand what I want to Undo.

Closing my eyes I see my life in a beautiful timeline, with happy, sad interesting and weird moments. It will be a lie to say that I dont want to undo anything.

One of the moments that really changed me/ the way I think about life and so much more, was the death of my father from cancer when I was 13 years old. (Oh I almost forgot, **FUCK CANCER**)

Many will say, that’s the moment that I want to undo, and it’s partially true.

I’m a huge believer that everything happens for a reason.

Yes, I miss him a lot, I want him to be here right now to see what I achieved so far and how strong I’m for my family but I’m also sure that he’s watching us every step of the way. Didn’t have someone to talk for my problems back then but my mother changed that. Can’t even imagine how my sister felt back then (She’s younger than me) or how strong my mother was/is. She’s definitely a super hero for me.

On the other hand that tragic event made me realize some important things from a really young age like, how important family is and that family is above everything. How important friends are and that every single one of us need to surround ourselves with people that want us to succeed.

Another important lesson is that we live once and we need to make it worthwhile. We live for ourselves and not for making others happy.

Remember to live every day the way you want to live, laugh more and don’t regret anything ❤️😌

I would love to know, what’s the moment you want to undo and why? Let me know in the comments.

Much Love,

Agisilaos Tsaraboulidis is a University Student based in Greece, an iOS Developer at Iris & the maker of SoundMemory Rush.

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