Adventure Boyfriend Material

Cosmopolitan headlines translated, then machine-translated back into English

Sometimes, Cosmo stories get syndicated into the brand’s international versions in the Netherlands, Italy, or Taiwan.

Sometimes, those translated stories appear on the company’s hottest stories list, machine-translated back.

Sometimes, I collect them.

  • Rough Sex: Male Take Me! Today Women Like the Stronger Sex But Often He Does Not Understand
  • Are You Sure You Wash Your Clothes Often Enough? A Research Says No.
  • 24 Why You Are Madly in Love With Leonardo DiCaprio From Titanic Times
  • This Torque of 400 Kilos Each Other Promises To Lose Weight So They First Have Sex
  • Wow So Long Lovemaking Lasts So Average
  • As Men So Think About Sexting
  • 7 Things That Indicate That You Do Not Have Enough Sports
  • 7 Things That Make You Even More Attractive — According To the Man
  • 5 Things You Lover of Angry
  • 14 Things You Dismantle the Excitement of Any Guy
  • Sex: Learn To Stimulate Your Testicles
  • 5 Bad Sexgewoonten You Should Break NOW
  • U Sleep on the Man Who Did It? 10 Kinds of Signs To Identify Him Or Just Adventure Boyfriend Material
  • 13 Things You Dismantle a Woman in No Time
  • 7 Signs That You Will Find It More Fun Than He Yours
  • 9 Things That His Penis Against Your Trying To Say
  • If Your Partner Can Not Orgasm Can Give, He Must Look Guts Movie
  • This Did You Not: 12 Fun Facts About Crying!