1.5 hour a Day Marketing Programme for Start-ups and Entrepreneurs

Join the challenge to grow your business at least 25% by Christmas 2016

If you’re new to the world of sales and marketing, or you’re just not sure where to start when creating your own lead generation strategy, don’t worry. We have created a comprehensive marketing programme which we will share with you.

Our marketing experts and business consultants have created a simple to implement marketing programme for any start-up and micro business. Every week we will share with you a marketing to-do-list, ideas, and range of free solutions for your business.

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What you will get?

  • Welcome webinar
  • Marketing plan overview, budget suggestion
  • List of freebies to use in marketing and lead generation
  • Free templates for your emails, and landing pages
  • Bi-weekly to do list as part of 11-week programme
  • 1-hour free personal review consultancy after 5-weeks of the programme
  • Smarty Software Account (Freemium)

Why join?

We have been working with hundreds of entrepreneurs in the last few years, and we found out that many struggle with implementing marketing in their business. We have therefore created a programme to meet needs of [non-marketing] business owners and start-ups.

It is not a magic formula how to make lots of money in short time, this is a road map with tools & ideas which you can implement for just a 1.5 hour a day to see great results in your growth.

What you will achieve?

  • Generate new leads
  • Grow your business
  • Increase number of clients
  • Establish basic marketing & branding identity


  • When it Starts? 29th September
  • Can I join after starting date? You can only join the programme until first week of October
  • How much it costs? It’s free