Day six: into the clouds

Plasencia to Béjar

When I originally looked at this trip, I thought the days shorter than 100km were going to be too easy. Silly me. I’m actually meant to be on holiday and the shorter days are working out just fine. Today was 60km and of that distance, it was all up hill. 1,000m up in fact, and when you can’t see where you’re heading because it’s just thick, grey cloud, you’re grateful it’s no further.

My ride today was wet. Wet is an understatement. I was soaked to the bones.

After a steady incline for the first part of the day, it was at 40km that I found my first hair pin road. There is something spectacular about going up roads like these – as you climb, you look down to where you’ve come, and feel like a hero. Going up in the rain, my inner monologue was patting myself on back, telling me I’m gnarly.

And of course, everything that goes up, must come down – I was rewarded at the end of the ride with a delicious mini descent. The sun even made a brief appearance – it felt like a sign.

A brief spell of sunshine and chance to get the phone out

I’m now in Bejar and it’s a bit of a dump. I’ve learnt that where I haven’t been able to find a room through Airbnb and have had to settle with a cheap hotel, that the town’s usually are. This hotel in particular is like a caricature of Faulty Towers. I’m looking for Manuel, he must be here. Still, I was able to have a hot bath and thaw out my toes, and went for lunch in a scruffy local restaurant which gave me a delicious plate of fish, crusty white bread and a glass of vino as big as my head.

Back in Faulty Towers, I have time to kill whilst I look out the window and see it’s still chucking it down. Good news though, tomorrow it’s meant to clear and I’m praying there must be a mighty descent in store for me.

So whilst 60km doesn’t kill you, it’s enough to satisfy and leaves you excited to get back your bike again – exactly the way it should be.