Days twenty five and twenty six: exploring Bologna

Three days in Bologna and I feel like I know it pretty well. My visit has included lots of city cycling, walking under the covered arcades, lazing in the parks joined by locals, the discovery of Lambrusco, lots of ham and cheese, even more gelato, aperitivos, a Sunday service, cycling cafes and an unexpected party celebrating the end of the tenth Europeans transgender convention which has been happening here this week.

After too much food and drink, my food baby is encouraging me to have an early night ahead of tomorrow – a long day of over 100km to Mantua. I’m hoping for smooth roads but I fear the opposite. At least I think it’s flat.

So with tired eyes, I’m sticking to a image led post today. Bring on sleep and bring on the cycling tomorrow. Any more food and I think my wheels might buckle.

Bologna’s Two Towers – amazing to think the city used to have over 150
Cycling in Bologna 👌🏼
Discovering Lambrusco. Delicious
Bike cafés at night
Celebrating and embracing LGBT equality
Confused by the public whipping
Definitely shouldn’t get in cars with strangers but this kind man gave us a lift in his camper
Quite the contrast to the night before
Bologna’s hidden canal
Taking a tram to explore the piazzas
Cycle friendly bars and restaurants – the best
The last supper – La Proscuitteria was brilliant
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