Agora’s public pre-sale — A unique investment opportunity supported by top launchpads

10 min readMay 13, 2024

Agora is proud to unveil its strategic collaboration with seven prominent launchpads for the upcoming pre-sale (IDO) of its $AGA token, set between the 30th of May and the 5th of June.

The mission of Agora is ambitious, yet straightforward. We aim to bring gamers and developers closer than ever, in an innovative environment where gamers communities can directly fund and shape the future of GameFi, fostering a world where fun, ownership, and monetization walk hand-in-hand.

A strategic alliance with seven different launchpads already says a lot about Agora’s outstanding value. In this article, we wish to delve deeply into why these launchpads are bullish on Agora and why it can represent a massive investment opportunity for you.

You will learn more about:

  • Global gaming market overview
  • The rise of Web3 gaming
  • What Agora has to offer
  • Agora’s team
  • Tokenomics
  • Introduction to Agora’s multi-launchpad IDO
  • $AGA tokens and its utilities
  • Final recap

Global gaming market overview

According to Newzoo data, the number of gamers across the globe will reach 3.3 billion in 2023, with a notable predominance from the Asia-Pacific region. If we project into the future, considering the growing immersion of new generations in virtual worlds from a very young age, everything suggests that the gaming industry is poised to continue its unstoppable growth.

Source : Newzoo

These players generated over $184 billion of revenue in 2023 alone, with an increasing prevalence of users opting for mobile games, now representing 49% of the devices used to play.

Source : Newzoo

The rise of Web3 gaming

The gaming industry is already massive, and with the anticipated growth, it’s reasonable to expect the rise of entirely new game genres in the coming years. Typically, gaming undergoes paradigm shifts every 15 to 20 years, altering game types and everything in between. In our view, the surge of the Play-To-Own model will likely mirror the rise of Free-to-Play that occurred 15 years ago.

Source: SwissBorg End of the Year Report

The above table shows the evolution of gaming. The earliest arcade games demanded a payment for every gaming session. Consoles allowed gamers to pay once and then play indefinitely in the comfort of their homes. The PC era opened the doors to free-to-play games, where the business model was usually incorporating ads within the game or selling premium features. The rise of smartphones brought a plethora of free games, that monetize on the user’s data.

This last approach has one big problem: users actually pay with their own data, while they own nothing of what they do and collect within the game.

Web3 promises to solve this problem by allowing gamers to actually own what they buy and collect within a game, making it possible for them to monetize their gaming activity the way they please. In-game items no longer belong exclusively to the game developers, but to the gaming community, democratizing the relationship between the game and its users. This new monetization set-up is what is knowns as GameFi.

The earliest GameFi attempts failed due to excessive focus on the Play-to-Earn aspect. Though direct monetization for users if the biggest promise of GameFi, the major drive to play a game is still to have fun. If monetization is the sole focus, the game is bound to fail, due to lack of sustainable development, engagement, and of a real gaming community to support and develop it.

However, now the technology is mature, and it is expected that an increasing number of games will embrace Web3 technologies in the coming decade. This expectation is confirmed by investors, who are heavily backing this trend, with the sector receiving the second-highest level of funding after infrastructure, totaling $16.3 billion from 2021 to 2023.

Source: Xangle

If we take a wider context, we can see that the overall blockchain gaming market has expanded with an average annual growth rate of 58%. This trend doesn’t seem to slow anytime soon, as more and more investors see gaming as one of the most promising use-cases for the blockchain.

Source: Xangle

As we already mentioned, Web3 games are much more mature than their earliest iterations, that were focused on unsustainable get-to-rich quick schemes based on obsessive play-to-earn strategies, often at the expense of true and authentic gaming experiences.

Our conviction is that the forthcoming wave of Web 3.0 games will be propelled by genuine gaming experience, capable of attracting true and loyal gamers, ready to usher in the new era of gaming.

To turn this vision into reality, we need a hub that unify all participants within one ecosystem, and this is the potential that Agora brings to the table.

What Agora has to offer

Agora strategy is to redefine the GameFi experience of users with its 3 core products:

This setup makes Agora a true GameFI Hub. Let’s break down each component.

Cross-Chain DEX

AgoraDEX stands as a fundamental component within the Agora ecosystem, crafted to cater to the evolving demands of gamers, developers, and investors. Anchored by the reliable framework of Uniswap V2, AgoraDEX introduces an enhanced array of features that enhance the trading experience within the Web3 space. Prominently, the platform offers instant cross-chain token swaps, facilitating smooth transactions across various blockchain networks. This feature not only improves liquidity but also expands access to a wide range of gaming assets and tokens.

To further optimize liquidity, AgoraDEX has integrated an innovative AI liquidity optimizer. This tool dynamically adjusts liquidity pools based on real-time market data and user behavior, ensuring efficient capital utilization and improved trade execution.

The mighty engine is powered by the $AGA token, that users can leverage to earn a share of the trading fees, as well as receiving special discounts and voting rights. These initiatives are part of Agora’s strategy to forge a more interconnected and effective Web3 gaming ecosystem, where the barriers across different blockchain environments are reduced, thus nurturing a more vibrant and inclusive gaming community.

Digital Identity

One of the main barriers to entry in GameFi is the UX (User Experience) and it is in that spirit that Agora has been designed. To guarantee an unparalleled UX, every user on Agora will have access to a one-for-all blockchain agnostic digital identity pass. This allows seamless authentication across different games, easy and efficient in-game transactions and many more features that improve the user’s journey into GameFi.

The Loot Box System

The standout feature of Agora is its gamified launchpad : the Loot Box System, which offers a novel approach to project launches. Powered by smart contract technology compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), the Loot Box implements NFTs with lottery logic.

Each Loot Box is essentially an NFT that can turn into rare items, tokens, or even lottery tickets unlocking the access to amazing jackpots, creating a raft where users can never lose.

This innovative product enables all kinds of new features. Notably, it allows gaming projects to get funded directly by their target audience, democratising the game development process, in a way never seen before.

Our Outstanding Team & Advisors

There is no solid project without a solid team behind it. Agora can rely on the leadership of experienced professionals within the Web3 and gaming industries.


$AGA token’s utilities & qualities

Let’s have a closer look at the various utilities of the $AGA token, as well as the reasons to participate in our different launchpads. Here is a detailed overview of the key benefits of the $AGA token:

1. Staking: By opting for staking, investors can generate attractive returns on their $AGA holdings.

2. Discounts: Token holders enjoy discounts on purchases made within our ecosystem, such as Loot Box sales.

3. Governance rights: $AGA holders have the privilege to participate in shaping the future of Agora, ensuring a democratized development.

4. Liquidity provision: Investors can provide liquidity to the system in exchange for rewards in $AGA or other attractive rewards such as NFTs or Loot Boxes.

And as a further incentive, Agora implements a solid buy-back & burn mechanism, which automatically preserves and strengthens the intrinsic value of the $AGA token.

Introducing Agora’s multi-launchpad IDO

Thanks to such a solid investment thesis, Agora was able to grant a spot on seven different launchpads, to bring $AGA token to the market. These are all reputable platforms that bring to the table a variety of incredible opportunities for our ecosystem.

Allow us to introduce our seven amazing IDO partners:

. GameFi: Pioneering Decentralized Gaming Investments

GameFi, a frontrunner in blockchain-based gaming investments, brings solid expertise to the table. With a fundraising goal of $350K, GameFi’s commitment to decentralized gaming is set to revolutionize the industry. Learn more: GameFi Website

. Bullperks: Democratizing Investment Opportunities

Bullperks, renowned for its democratic investment model, joins forces with Agora with a fundraising target of $200K. Their track record of high ROI launches and community-driven approach make them an ideal partner for visionary investors. Explore more: Bullperks Website

. GamesPad: Shaping the Future of Play-to-Earn Gaming

Specializing in gaming, NFTs, and the metaverse, GamesPad’s diligence in project selection ensures wise investments. With a fundraising goal of $100K, GamesPad is instrumental in ushering in the era of play-to-earn gaming. Discover more: GamesPad Website

. Solidus AITECH (AITECHPad): Empowering Startups with AI Infrastructure

Solidus AITECH’s revolutionary AI infrastructure and comprehensive ecosystem make them invaluable partners. With a fundraising target of $350K, Solidus AITECH aids startups in navigating the complexities of emerging technology. Learn more: Solidus AITECH Website

. Finceptor: Democratized Access to Web3 Unicorns

Finceptor’s innovative approach to investing in Web3 unicorns, with a fundraising goal of $250K, democratizes access to IDOs and OTC transactions. Backed by leaders in Web2 and Web3, Finceptor offers customized investments in top projects. Explore further: Finceptor Website

. Spores Network: Supporting DeFi Innovators

Spores Network’s commitment to emerging DeFi projects is unmatched. With a fundraising target of $100K, Spores offers transparent and accessible investment opportunities, fostering innovation in the DeFi space. Learn more: Spores Network Website

. Enjinstarter: Next-gen launchpad for the Metaverse and Web3

With a fundraising target of $250K and over 50 successful IDOs, Enjinstarter is a key player for creators and game studios seeking robust blockchain strategies. Their ecosystem offers Web3 consulting, fundraising support, and essential partnerships. Valuing innovation, community, and a multi-chain approach, Enjinstarter is ideal for projects transitioning from Web2 to the Metaverse. Learn more and participates in the IDO: Enjinstarter Website

An exclusive investment opportunity

With our launch strategy offering an attractive comparative valuation and a 25% unlock at TGE, this presale represents the best (and final) opportunity to invest just before TGE; $AGA at a fully diluted valuation of $40 million ($0.08 per AGA).

Distributed over 12 months with linear vesting starting from end of lockup period (1 month) +25% TGE (as mentioned previously)


The partnership between Agora and those influential launchpads poises the $AGA token to enrich the GameFi landscape. By collaborating with these entities, Agora is not just broadening its horizons, but is also cementing its role as a catalyst for innovation and growth in the Web3 ecosystem.

The pre-sale conditions (offering a competitive valuation and immediate liquidity post-TGE) are strategically designed to maximize the attractiveness and accessibility of $AGA. Investors stand at the brink of a unique opportunity, one where the multifaceted utilities of the $AGA token intertwine with robust investment models set to drive both community engagement and token value. This pre-sale is undoubtedly a pivotal moment for both Agora and its prospective stakeholders, setting the stage for a future where decentralized finance and community governance converge to redefine the boundaries of gaming.

And then, as the proverb says so well, “one good news often leads to another.” It’s a universal truth that reminds us that moments of joy can often multiply, leading to an unexpected cascade of happiness. And who knows, perhaps Agora has another surprise up its sleeve? Stay tuned, as the future could reveal much more than we anticipate. Agora has more than one trick up its sleeve. 🌟👀

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