Presenting AgoraHub 4.0 Loot box: Special Edition for SwissBorg Alpha Deal

10 min readMar 18, 2024

As we gear up for our upcoming IDO, we’re thrilled to announce our fourth Loot box event! Building on the resounding success of our initial collaborations, we’re eager to provide our community with yet another exhilarating opportunity to score big.

What is SwissBorg Alpha Deal?

Alpha Vaults are an opportunity to invest in a project early or with terms & conditions that are often reserved to accredited investors or VC.

With the SwissBorg Alpha Vault Agora Deal, you’ll have the opportunity to invest like a market maker since you will buy a token at the pre TGE price and directly lock it into a liquidity pool for 1 year, resulting in giving you income for a whole 1 year.

This income comes from trading fees and is incentivised by Agora (3% of the supply will be used to incentivise SwissBorg users doing the LP). And since you get a huge income during this 1 year, it’s like you lower your buy price from 0.08 USDC / AGA (public sale price) to 0.024 USDC / AGA.

Everyone who buys Loot boxes for this Special Alpha Deal Edition event, can be whitelisted to participate in this opportunity. You simply have to purchase 2 Loot boxes on the 2nd of April at 6PM CET and have a SwissBorg app to access the Alpha Vault on the 4th of April.

How does AgoraDex Loot Box operate?

The essence of AgoraDex’s loot box concept is both straightforward and enthralling: users acquire tickets to unlock loot boxes, each containing a potentially valuable digital treasure. These treasures are categorized as Legendary, Epic, and Magic, with Legendary being the most sought-after.

Post-purchase, a lottery mechanism springs into action, randomly allocating prizes to each loot box. Users can relish the anticipation and excitement as they contemplate whether to unveil their loot box immediately or save it for a later thrill.

In regards to the chains we will be using, our Loot box event extends support to Polygon (MATIC) and Ethereum (ETH), broadening its reach and bolstering application adaptability.

The Delicious Prizes!

Our exclusive loot boxes are packed with a variety of treasures, such as $AGA tokens, where we’re distributing 765.5k tokens at a public round price of $0.08 each (value of $61,240).*

*May fluctuate according to Nfts price

You’ll discover a delightful array of NFTs, featuring Yogapetz, Pixelmon trainers, Genesis Bakers, and much more! (value over $33,760)**

**Current floor and ETH Price the 18/03/2024

And, you can be whitelisted to SwissBorg Alpha Vault!

And as per tradition, we’ve also included Golden Tickets! Accumulate 3 golden tickets, and you’ll be entitled to a share of the Jackpot.

We are in the Golden Age of Airdrops and NFTs are recurrently used as access keys to some of the most promising drops of this cycle. However, getting them can be hard and expensive.

Until now… With the Agora Loot Box, you now have the possibility to hunt NFTs with the most promising airdrop potential in a cheap and fun way.

To introduce this, we have cherry picked 3 qualitative NFT with a high likelihood that they are going to be linked to a big airdrop in the potential future. Let’s look at them in a bit more detail. Source of the following information comes from our friend and community member @tradetheflow.

3 promising NFT collection with a great potential airdrop for high investment returns:

Pick number 1: Yogapetz

Yogapetz is a cool collection of 10,000 NFT focusing on wellness and mindfulness. Looking at it from a high level view, we note that this project is infused with a strong “why” of making people healthier, more mindful and relaxed. Given the current stress-oriented world we live in, this ecosystem is attractive and makes sense.

Now, if we abstract all of this and look at this collection only from an investment perspective, there’s a lot of reason to believe that the ROI on this project can be amazing.

As of writing this, there are more than 3,200 unique owners and the floor price of an NFT sits at 0.68 ETH, which approximates to $2,500. Moreover, data from coingecko shows that floor price is in a long-term uptrend.

Source: coingecko

But the interesting thing here is that there’s a high likelihood that holders of this NFT collection will be eligible for the airdrop of $WELL, the token behind WELL3.

In short, WELL3 is a project from the Yogapetz team. It is a decentralized wellness platform which proposes a unique “Mindfulness to Earn” model that allows users to earn WELL tokens by participating in yoga, meditation, and other activities. In addition to that, those tokens could be burned to redeem different wellness utilities, from hotel discount, retreat, and more.

It seems that this represents the second generation of wellness platforms built on blockchain, with the first one being Move-to-Earn platform. Hence if we want to have a quick estimate of the potential FDV at launch of $WELL, we can compare it to the FDV at launch of the two biggest Move-to-Earn projects to date, GMT and SWEAT:

Source: coinmarketcap

However, fundamentals behind WELL3 look stronger and there’s a lot of reason to think that the launch could be more successful. In any case, if we use different FDV scenario and assumption about the potential airdrop allocation to holders of Yogapetz, we can derive the potential dollar reward of the $WELL airdrop to holders of this collection NFT collections:

Based on this, here’s the implied ROI of the airdrop with respect to the current floor price of the collection:

As a result, it seems that Yogapetz is more than just a cool decentralized community centered around wellness and has a high probability to yield compelling reward opportunities in the near future.

Some useful resources:

Opensea —

Website —

Founder —

Pick number 2: Pixelmon trainers

The second pick is Pixelmon trainers. This is a collection of 7,000 unique avatars each generated from a mix of different gears, armors, and accessories. The current floor price of this collection sits at 0.31 ETH (around $910) with over 1.8k ETH of volumes already traded on Opensea. As of writing, there are approximately 1,300 unique holders of this collection. Those NFT are evolving on top of the Pixelmon gaming ecosystem and give access to a wide range of benefits and utilities.

Source: pixelmon

A short overview of the Pixelmon ecosystem:

Pixelmon is building a decentralized gaming universe with a multiplayer open world adventure, monster combat arena, and mini casual games. One interesting fact about this project is that it aims to become the first NFT-based fractionalized IP gaming hub where NFTs are more than collectibles but the key to immersive experiences within the Pixelmon ecosystem.

But other than the fact that Pixelmon trainers form a key part of this Web3 gaming ecosystem, there is a high likelihood that holders of this NFT will be eligible for the airdrop of $MON, the token behind the Pixelmon ecosystem. Indeed, this gaming ecosystem is putting a great emphasis on community integration and we know for a fact that 30% of the token supply will be distributed to its community (as community claim).

Source: monprotocol

If we draw different assumption on the percentage of this “community claim” that will go to Pixelmon trainers holders, we can derive different potential airdrop rewards scenarios of $MON for each Pixelmon trainers NFT (omitting rarity for a matter of simplicity):

Building on those assumptions, this will be the implied ROI of the airdrop with respect to the current floor price of the collection:

Last but not least, it can be useful to try and gauge the potential FDV of this token upon launch and as a corollary estimate the potential investment opportunity of this NFT. To do this, we can look at similar Web3 gaming project:

Source: coinmarketcap

Given those figures, we note that, more than just being a qualitative NFT in a thriving gaming ecosystem, the investment case for Pixelmon trainers is compelling and provides access to a non-negligible potential airdrop opportunity of $MON.

Some useful resources:

Opensea —

Website —

Founder —

Pick number 3: The Bakery Genesis

As a last pick, we have a collection of 1,111 Genesis Baker who represents the genesis community of the Butter Exchange. Currently, the floor price for this collection sits at 0.54 ETH (around $2,000).

Butter Exchange:

Butter exchange combines a decentralized token swap and a perpetual exchange that allows users to long/short unreleased tokens and NFT collections. Built on Mantle (and soon on Blast), this project is still early but nonetheless really promising. In fact, it is already doing quite well on Mantle and is ranked number 5 on its leaderboard.

Source: Mantle

This project has already planned to launch a token in 2024, $BUTTER, and an airdrop has already been confirmed. Having said that, there is a high likelihood that they are going to reward their genesis community with a share of this airdrop.

Using the same line of thought as before, we can try and derive potential airdrop rewards scenarios of $BUTTER for each Genesis Baker NFT:

Again, this will be the implied ROI of the airdrop with respect to the current floor price of Genesis Baker:

This third pick is indeed another qualitative one that can give holders the opportunity to get access to the airdrop of an interesting project, Butter, evolving within a growing ecosystem, Mantle and Blast.

Some useful resources:

Opensea —

Website —

Founder —

Important Disclaimer: The views expressed above are based on our community’s research efforts. However, keep in mind that the industry’s current state can be unpredictable. We highly recommend conducting your own research before making any decisions.

What’s the cost and when does it take place?

Loot boxes are priced at $20 in MATIC and will be up for grabs starting April 2nd at 6 PM CET. There’s a limited supply of 4000 loot boxes, so be sure to secure yours before they’re gone!

Meet our new “History” feature!

Experience transparency with our new “History” feature. Now you can effortlessly track every NFT or token that enters your wallet, gets added to your Vault, or is withdrawn from it. Stay informed about your prizes at all times.

Whitelist for our community AKA Free Loot box.

Continuing with our Whitelisting tradition for this event, we’re offering 50 FREE Loot boxes to eligible community members. Owners of a Cyclops NFT automatically qualify for the whitelist. If you haven’t acquired yours yet, make sure to grab one. Simply complete a FORM to be considered for the whitelist. We are adhering to a ‘first come, first serve’ policy to ensure fairness and reward those who actively engage with the community’s activities.

How to utilise your Free Loot Box?

Utilising a free ticket is incredibly straightforward! Simply connect your wallet (Metamask) to the designated address for receiving the free ticket. Subsequently, on the main page of the loot box, beneath the purchase button, you’ll find a link labeled “USE FREE TICKET.” You might need to scroll down to locate it. Clicking on this link will generate a special transaction exclusive to you. Then, all you need to do is execute the transaction via Metamask, similar to a regular purchase. This will grant you 1 free loot box.

Remember, the ticket can only be used once and solely during the loot box sale period — with a limited number of loot boxes available, time is of the essence!

Simply visit the loot box page at to redeem your free ticket. If you receive any email links offering a free Loot Box, exercise caution as they may be from scammers!

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