Win +$100’000 in blue chip NFTs with high Airdrop potential plus $AGA Tokens!

4 min readApr 2, 2024

Airdrop season is in full swing! So we collaborated with SwissBorg to track down the top-tier NFTs with the most promising airdrop potential to create this special no-lose edition.

Limited to only 4,000 Loot Boxes, each play ensures a win — score selected NFTs valued at up to $2,200 each plus airdrops, or a GOLDEN TICKET for a shot at the jackpot.

Loot Boxes are priced at $20 (payable in MATIC) and this special release goes live April 2nd at 6 PM CET. Stock is limited and past editions sold out quickly — so make sure to get yours before they run out!

Why use our AgoraDex LootBoxes?

The concept of our Loot Boxes is simple & a lot of fun: purchase tickets to open Loot Boxes filled with exciting digital goods. These items are valued much more than the cost of your ticket and come in three rarity levels: Magic, Epic, and the rarest, Legendary.

This special Airdrop NFT Loot Box event will be available on the Polygon (MATIC) network saving you the heavy gas fees from the Ethereum mainnet.

What are the amazing prizes can you win in this special Airdrop NFT edition?

Hunt top NFTs with the most promising airdrop potential and get rewarded with each Box you open. Each Loot Box costs $20 to open and will contain either a GEM or a GOLDEN TICKET:


Gems could contain AGA token rewards or unique NFTs from three collections with significant airdrop potential for high investment returns.

These collections are:

  • YogaPetz
  • Pixelmon Trainers
  • Genesis bakers

It’s pretty easy: With gems, you cannot lose money. Even the smallest prize, which is $20 in AGA tokens, matches your entry cost.

Now, let’s examine these projects more closely and consider the potential airdrop benefits from these NFT collections:

1/ Yogapetz

  • Current Floor Price: $1970 (0.55 ETH)
  • Creator: Crypto influencer Keungz (@keungz)
  • Collection Size: 10,000 NFTs themed around wellness and mindfulness.
  • Selection Reason: Likely eligibility for $WELL token airdrops, associated with the Web3 Wellness movement Well3 (

By analyzing various market cap scenarios and airdrop distribution projections for Yogapetz holders, we can estimate the potential value of $WELL token airdrops for owners of these NFT.

2/ Pixelmon Trainers

  • Current Floor Price: $1200 (0.33 ETH)
  • Creator: Pixelmon Gaming Ecosystem (
  • Collection Size: 7,000 unique avatars
  • Selection Reason: This collection is integral to the trending Pixelmon gaming world. Owning one of these NFTs likely qualifies you for an airdrop of their native $MON tokens.

It’s confirmed that 30% of the $MON token supply will be allocated to the community as a “community claim.” By considering various scenarios regarding the distribution of this community claim to Pixelmon Trainer NFT holders, we can project different potential outcomes for $MON airdrop rewards for each Pixelmon trainer NFT, simplifying by not accounting for rarity differences.

3/ Genesis Bakers

  • Floor Price: $1200 (0.33 ETH)
  • Creator: Butter Exchange (
  • Collection: An exclusive group of 1,111 Genesis Bakers
  • Selection Reason: The Butter Exchange is a top 5 DApp on the Mantle blockchain and there is a high likelihood of $BUTTER token airdrops as a reward for the Genesis Baker Holders.

Following the same analytical approach as with previous collections, we can explore different scenarios to estimate the potential airdrop rewards of $BUTTER tokens for each Genesis Baker NFT owner.


If you don’t find a GEM in your Loot Box, you’re assured a Golden Ticket instead. Collecting three Golden Tickets qualifies you for a portion of the substantial jackpot, exceeding $11,000.

The size of your share depends on how many others also gather three Golden Tickets, but rest assured, the potential payout is going to be really attractive.

Join our vibrant community and jump on an exciting journey with our Loot Box event! So don’t miss out on the chance to win treasured NFTs and tokens while having a blast.

Let’s have fun and win big together →

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