Staking Chihuahua Chain on AgoraNodes

Chihuahua Chain (HUAHUA) is the first IBC meme coin in a proof of stake blockchain

As meme coin 2.0, Chihuahua Chain is an eco-friendly Proof-Of-Stake (POS) blockchain; communicating with other chains utilizing the Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC). The blockchain is governed by users who actively stake $HUAHUA; which in turn receive rewards as well as additional rights, such as the right to vote on governance proposals and access a Community Pool with +10B HUAHUA (more than 40M dollars).

HUAHUA is also getting a Secret Network integration soon. Secret Network, the first blockchain with privacy-preserving smart contracts, known as “secret contracts”, will effectively allow HUAHUA to be wrapped as a privacy coin i.e. sHUAHUA. This will allow HUAHUA holders to make private transactions, putting it in its own league for meme coins or justifiably, meme coin 2.0.

Delegating HUAHUA to AgoraNodes, 1 of 125 validators in the active set increases the security of the Chihuahua Chain network; also gives staking rewards of 360% APR. There’s also 30% — 35% earned in staking rewards which you can reinvest into the node or claim and turn liquid by cashing out or exchanging for another coin. Each stake is allowed 1 re-delegation per 27/28 days. Once you use that re-delegate option you’ll have to wait 4 weeks to re-delegate again.


Just a Handful of Steps

To start out, you’ll need:

*ATOM or OSMOSIS tokens

*Keplr extension installed

*Keplr dashboard on your desktop or laptop.

*If you are using an iPhone theres a few extra steps, on a laptop or desktop is the easiest way to do this.

Wherever you get your ATOM or OSMOSIS tokens, you’ll need to send it to your Keplr wallet address.

Download the Keplr extension for Chrome or Brave browser and either create a new wallet if you dont have one, or import your existing one by accessing your extensions.

Once installed goto your extensions and select Keplr.

access your extensions and click the Keplr icon

Next, either create a new wallet or import your existing wallet.

The wallet should pop up and give you the option to import or create a new wallet

When you’re all setup, you’ll have the option to deposit your tokens. It should looks like this:

Now that we have that all setup, we need to get HUAHUA (Chihuahua Chain) and we can do this by swapping ATOM to HUAHUA or OSMOSIS to HUAHUA.

So now we go over to Osmosis zone to swap from ATOM to HUAHUA, this is what it looks like:

Swapping ATOM to HUAHUA on Osmosis Zone

You’ve got the hard part done.

All you have to do from here is connect your Keplr wallet to Osmosis Zone and your ATOM will show up in the “swap box”.

You’ll be swapping From ATOM | To HUAHUA

Choose your desired amount, click swap, and you now have Chihuahua Chain! Just a couple more steps and you’re staking!

Next, goto “Assets” on the left hand side of Osmosis Zone:

Scroll down to HUAHUAH coin and select withdraw

this “withdraw” is using what Cosmos calls IBC or Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol that makes Chihuahua Chain Interoperable with over 30 Cosmos chains which allows transferring HUAHUA assets to the other chains in a matter of seconds. Pretty awesome how developed web3 is already.

Withdraw your desired amount of HUAHUA to your new wallet address. This is automatic and will show up in your Keplr wallet

OKAY! Just 2 more steps to go!

You should have a unique $HUAHUA wallet address in your Keplr wallet now. So lets finish this shall we?

We’re going to use OmniFlix to delegate (or stake) our HUAHUA to the AgoraNodes “Validator” so we can start earning as soon as possible!

Heres what it looks like:

Once you connect your Keplr wallet you should see your available tokens

After connecting your Keplr wallet to Omniflix you’ll see your available funds to stake.

Click the “Stake” button and scroll down until you see AgoraNodes.

You can also use the “Ctrl + F” or “Cmd + F” and search “Agora” to find it easily.

Once you find AgoraNodes, goto the right hand side and select “Delegate”.

Heres what it looks like:

You are one click away from staking with AgoraNodes for 360% APR!

Once you select “Delegate” and hit enter, you’re finally done!

After the transaction is confirmed, congratulations! You have successfully staked Chihuahua Chain to the AgoraNodes validator earning 360% APR and earning rewards while supporting the blockchain and the community.

Speaking of the community and supporting the blockchain:

Below is a link to support and take place in “Governance” by voting on proposals, as well as viewing and commenting on discussions.

Another useful link to track and watch validators status is Skynet Explorers. Here you can view a validators uptime, view governance, blocks, and see a general summary of Chihuahua Chain.

With this monitor here you get an overview of all node locations, as well as 3D model of the Chihuahua Chain Network.

Thank you for reading our guide on staking on Chihuahua Chain.



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