Dear Morning Joe,
Jeff Jarvis

While I completely agree with the thought of (or ideal of) balanced coverage, you are right there is no balanced coverage of an unbalanced candidate. That said, we would all like to believe that journalists and their employers, should not just view this as featured entertainment, but in essence they do. After all, for the first 6 months or so of Trump’s campaign the Huffington Post coverage only featured him in the entertainment section. A joke perhaps, but in some ways rather telling. Yes we all want to have a media that acts as central voice, and not see these spectacles as money generating investments, but I fear it may be too late. These coffers are full and they continue to be filled with the new 24 hour news cycle. Speaking of, in observation of the past 48 -36 hours, as I too have watched MSNBC, they have on multiple occasions cut to a rally or speech that Trump was appearing at. Not once did their upcoming highlights or agenda feature a cut to a Clinton rally. They may have made mention but there was no full stop of their broadcasting. Its as if she weren’t actively campaigning at all! Perhaps this is just my interpretation or experience, but I hate to say this is just one more example of the unbalanced candidate feeding the unbalanced media exactly what they crave.

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