Let’s make sure that everyone has access to safer food

Dec 30, 2019 · 3 min read
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We believe that this planet deserves a better future. We believe that everyone living on it should have access to enough, clean, healthy, and nutritious food produced in a sustainable and ethical way. We believe there are smart ways in which we can find solutions to the grand challenges that humanity is currently facing. This is something more important than making profit or simply making a good living. It is about something bigger than every single one of us.

But most of all, it is our duty in the “developed” part of the world to work on smarter, more efficient solutions. It is our call to action, to connect us and urge us and inspire us.

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At Agroknow, we believe that the world would be a better place if everyone had access to safe food. If we could eliminate foodborne diseases and illnesses. If we could quickly respond to food fraud crises. If we could monitor and predict food quality risks. If we could create more confidence in the global supply chain.

This is what we do. By harnessing emerging technologies — like big data analytics, machine learning algorithms, Internet of Thing (IoT) devices, and blockchain- to help us achieve greater visibility across the supply chain. By collecting, translating and enriching global food safety data, from reliable, official sources. By providing intelligence that enables every company in the supply chain to make decisions with confidence.

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We are the food safety intelligence company that extracts tailor-made data insights for the global supply chain. We believe in a sustainable and ethical way of doing business. We respect our colleagues, our partners, our clients. We work as a team, rather as individuals — no matter how much expertise or talent we may have. We include, embrace and highlight authenticity, diversity, and uniqueness. We want to be exactly the ones that you see and talk to, with no hidden agendas or double faces. We behave in a fair and transparent way. We are extremely passionate about our work. We are motivated about every little thing that we do. We enjoy and love our job.

To the ones out there sharing a similar passion for safe food and the same values: let’s join forces and make sure that everyone has access to safer food.

If we do so, together, then a better future is possible.


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The food safety intelligence company that extracts tailor-made data insights for the global supply chain.

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