How I Knew I was an Entrepreneur 

And It’s Not Just Because I Hate Shaving

Agu De Marco


I get asked the same questions a lot — how did you know you wanted to start a company? How did you know you could be an entrepreneur? How did you know you were ready? I’ve always had ideas for better innovations that in my mind made the world a better place, but it didn’t necessarily mean I was the next Mark Zuckerberg.

When you research ‘signs you’re an entrepreneur’, you’ll find lists of character traits like strong-headed, competitive, unemployable, restless, but, to me, that doesn’t make an entrepreneur. Competition is great, but you have to listen to your team. And if you’re unemployable, how can you work in a group?

To me, I knew for different reasons — not because I like to work alone (frankly, I don’t). I knew I was an entrepreneur because…

I’m competitive, but I can listen to my team.

I simply love technology, and I know how to use it to my advantage

I taught myself to negotiate well, so my business can survive.

I’m a self-starter — nobody has to push me to get work done. I push myself and don’t give up.

I’m organized, confident, and passionate. These three combined means my team trusts me to lead.

I trust my team and know when I should back down.

I openly (and shamelessly promote). This is my everyday attire:

I network because I enjoy it, not because I have to. I like connecting people to help move their businesses forward.

I’m a problem solver, but I ask for help when I need it.

I know myself — I took the time to realize my potential and limitations.

I’m realistic — yes I’m a dreamer, but I know when to push forward and when to take a step back.

Lastly, I know because I can write this blog promoting all of my traits, and maybe it will inspire people to take the leap and go for the entrepreneur life.

The new entrepreneur is not the bossy know-it-all, the new entrepreneur is the person who can work with their team, not controlling the team. It’s the person that can recognize greatness in themselves and in others; the person that believes in their idea, and more importantly, their team. This is the successful entrepreneur who can keep their company going.

This blog is by Agu De Marco, Co-Founder of Wideo, a DIY animated video production platform.



Agu De Marco

CEO & Co-founder at Wideo , Co-founder & Professor of Emprending at University of Buenos Aires