A Tribute to Jakarta, January 14th, 2016.

Walking the roads of memories

through the land of many roads

through the land of our childhood home.

I saw Peace, fleeting

she was clad in cloth spun from dreams and hope

images of the past floods my vision

of a hopeful time

when against all odds

we lay claim to the motherland t

o start anew and proclaim our independence.

To imagine the future

when children wanders free

never lost, always home.

Alas, the future has came and it looks bleak

to hope is the only reality for many

to cling so frail to the threads of life.

This is madness.

I pray for peace

A gentle wind pass and with the wind, a whisper

“It’s up to you”

I pray for guidance what can a lone man do?

“You are not alone”

Jakarta, January 14th, 2016.

Six coordinated bombings has been carried by suicide bomber around Thamrin Street. At least six lives has been taken away, and more has been injured. Indonesia is home to me and great many others.

The secular government contrasted with the population may have made us a unique target for extremists. They wish to scare the us into subservience. But we are not weak.

We are the result of thousands of years of rich history and culture.

Our forefathers toiled sweat and blood with bamboo against much more equipped enemies for hundred of years. Yet we won.

At August 17th, 1945 we claimed our fruit. We saw the opportunity and grabbed freedom as it was.

We fought until the last drop of blood. Again if will be. It is up to us to stop this, and we are not alone.

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