And we have the power to either suckle at hurt and dwell on “what they did,” or choose to claim ownership and responsibility and resume our rightful power over our own lives.
What To Do If Someone Hurt You
Kris Gage

I love this line Ms. Gage, well said! We truly are only in control of our lives. As a person that used to gain happiness from others by guiding them and trying to do what’s best for them. I realized that they might listen but they won’t listen until they go through by themselves. I was greatly unhappy with myself because I kept dwelling on “why they didn’t listen” I felt as if I had failed them in someway. I now close this 15 year thought process and I am moving forward. I have come to realize that you are only in control of your life and nobody else. You are responsible for you, but you should love with an open heart, always. This line sums up my recent feelings and revelation to the concept of assuming responsibility for your own life. So thank you, keep up the wonderful work!

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