A Series Of Structural Events by Ahmad El AMMAR

Assessment 1A Photography/Framing

Thomas Struth, Hermanssgarten, Wissenfeis, 1991
Ahmad El Ammar Sydney 2017
Schlosstrasse, Wittenberg 1991, By Thomas Struth
Ahmad El Ammar Sydney 2017
Crosby Street Soho New York by Thomas Struth, 1978
Ahmad El Ammar Sydney CBD 2017
West 25th Street, New York by Thomas Struth, 1978
Ahmad El Ammar, Sydney CBD 2017
By Thomas Struth
Ahmad El Ammar Sydney CBD 2017
Shinju-ku neighbourhood in Tokyo 1986 by Thomas Struth
Ahmad El Ammar, Sydney CBD 2017

REPORT Thomas Struth By Ahmad El AMMAR

The technique I have chosen is “A Series of Buildings Connected by Its Everyday-Life Qualities and Its Heroic Graphics”. My interpretation of this technique is that the community is represented through these buildings and the architecture, and that the history of the buildings tells a story of the past and the day to day life of those who resided in them.

The lack of people, and the focus on the buildings is as if to urge the viewer to consider the buildings themselves as a community, and the heroes of the pictures. It also encourages the viewer to see the unseen, or to delve deeper than the exterior of these structures, as I have tried to portray in my photographs.

As with Thomas Struth’s pictures, my photographs were taken from a central perspective relaying the looming greatness of the structures on both sides.

The tool that I chose to take my photographs was a Nikon Coolpix P900 camera with 16.1 megapixels. I chose the camera over my iPhone because of the clarity of the picture, and the sharp and clear imagery with good contrast.

I chose to do my photographs in black and white to express the lack of life, even though there are some people in my photographs. The reasoning behind this is the darkness reflected throughout the photographs is what makes the city a Concrete Jungle. Though my photographs are similar to those of Thomas Struth, I have tried to take shots that are a bit more personalized and occupied; I believe the trees and the people bring this aspect into the photos.

Though I would like to take credit for the darkness portrayed in the photos, the overcast weather gave the perfect effect and worked to my advantage, as I wanted the grey of the day to add to the overall dim haze of the structures.


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