Painting The Town Grey Ahmad El Ammar



I recorded my video while somebody drove me around while capturing footage of these diverse structures and my artist of choice was Jim Jarmusch Down By Law 1986, Opening sequence: pan shoot of the elevation of a New Orleans. The composition of my film was a series of joined pan shots of the elevation of spaces in Sydney, which is basically a continuously passing or changing scene, or an unfolding of events. My preference was black and white over colour, to give it a vintage feel and look, much like Jarmusch.

I chose this technique because although panning is the most simple and common of techniques, I believe it to be one of the most effective. It compliments the vision of the city of Sydney I depicted in my short film, and gives the audience a view of the vast range of architectural structures and designs, while also providing an understanding of the city.

According to Siddharth Pillai, of Empty Mirror,Jarmusch films purely as a study of design and structure both in shot, composition and as a narrative. While Jim Jarmusch has portrayed the city of New Orleans through slow then gradually increasing speed of panning, capturing the beauty of the city in its simplicity, I have chosen to do a constant moderate speed of panning throughout the whole sequence of events, to really showcase the locations and the structures.

My favorite sequence was the opening sequence of Rookwood cemetery. ‘Rookwood Cemetery is the largest burial ground in the Southern Hemisphere’. As we viewed the different grave stones and tombs we realize that architecture doesn’t only apply to great buildings and monumental structures but also to simple small structures like that of a head stone of a grave.

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