Why You Should NOT Buy An Amazon Kindle ?

There are tons of article, blog posts are flying on the internet that’s why you need to buy kindle. They galvanize you to buy kindle. It’s all about their marketing campaign & amazon affiliate business. There are also some exception on this. But maximum are banal.

When i am writing this article , in-front of my table there is a amazon kindle (Voyage) sitting down to me. Here i will point out why you should NOT buy a kindle. And after writing the points i will not recommended or promote any device to buy. So i am honest here that there are no business plan working here to write on this.

The world most weird browser in 2016

1. You could not use this device to surf internet as the browser is world most weird browser in my sense.

2. You could not read regular PDF format Books smoothly. Even the docs

3. Everything black white. No color image

4. You could not get any audio video stuff on this.

5. Every single touch on device there is a boring color blink stuff you can notice.

6. You can only read smoothly amazon kindle format books.

That’s it.