Don’t get stuck (An Advice in Learning Programming)

Why we always get stuck ?

Being stuck is the period that you give up learning or working in a specific field and you may ask your self

Should I continue ? Am I in the right place?

The answer of that question would be the main point in that article but let’s see some main reason for being stuck:-


9 of 10 people approximately start learning Android using Free-Online-Courses and that leads us to self-learning benefits, But if you don’t know those benefits probably they will turn into problems for you.We got our experiences from the problems we face in our attempt to do something or applying something we just learned or even edit it,Which in turn leads you to start searching for that problem hardly to fix it.In that process only you got the right experience of self-learning..Even if you didn’t fix it you won’t forget the information that you got from searching.

Time Management

Most of us need to be organised with our self-learning schedule which we should be patient with it as it always takes more than you we don’t take the searching time-which is the most important part-in consideration and we shouldn’t break that schedule with the first time we face a problem.

Instant Output

Not just in Android but most of the programming experiences we don’t get an instant output or feedback for our work that sometimes it’s considered a struggle it takes a long time Unlike designers for example.This part is really important pushing you with what you do.

Lack of Experiences

None knows everything about something.we just keep learning from taking experiences on it more and more and more.When we finish learning a specific course we might face a long period of being stuck if you didn’t plan what you want to do by learning this course.And to pass this period you should search for a project to do even for free as it really worth it.

Exceeding your Limits(Overload)

Taking too many courses at the same time is a really good example of overloading your mind ,Searching , Solving issues ,Implementing projects and you might face some life problems during this is not impossible to do all of that stuff together but after that it may lead you to getting stuck and a feeling of distraction.

How to get rid of being stuck?

All those previous reasons doesn’t happen only on Android but in most of the other fields.I wrote those reasons based on my personal and other friends experience and here is some advice in how to get over them.

Self-learning part

  • Find a friend or someone online who could be your mentor As he will give you his whole experience that he learned in years in just a few tips and he would be a good motivation for you and guide when you decide to give up.(Highly recommended)
  • Find someone to learn together

Time Management part

Being honest with the time that you decide to spend on learning is the hardest point but it will be awesome when you think of what you will be able to do after a month of hard working ,it really deserves it.I highly recommend using a time management system like Pomodoro and nothing would be better to learn it from than this Article.

For Experiences part i will write another article includes Ideas of projects to develop for (the Beginner to Indeterminate) Level with the Source code and i will update the link here.

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