Wrong — as I have already written above.
Benjamin Josef Doscher

I don’t respond to comments. Ever. But you are nitpicking here on an excellently written piece so I had to. To respond to both your comments, we are very aware of the Southern Strategy, in fact, Remy Anne wrote a piece dedicated entirely to the topic. https://rantt.com/how-the-political-realignment-of-the-south-gave-us-donald-trump-32794b197d8a

And in regards to that excerpt, there is no “fundamental ignorance of history” here. She is clearly referring to fiscal conservatism, not the GOP that has been co-opted by racism and the Southern Strategy of recent decades.

And for anyone else about to comment on this. Read the piece in its entirety with an open mind before remarking. Yes this is news. Yes this is journalism. I know this piece is a harsh truth to bear, but it is truth nonetheless.