Colonised tongue.

Bigots will come in all shapes and sizes literally, they rarely stick out, or do they? We need to take a step back take a real look at our surroundings and process.

Let me dish you out some of those classical punchlines. 
"I'm not being racist but" ever heard that line? Always gets me, like I don't really care if you have friends from ethnic minorities or you lent your Asian neighbour a shovel once, if you persist in possessing a stereotypical view on people based on the action's of a few, then my friend you are a ignorant tool.

This is the kicker though when presenting facts, logic and stats to debunk the myths, somehow your no longer worthy of citizenship "if you don't like the laws then go back to where you belong"

Excuse me? Come again! Am I missing something here?

Let me get this straight I should go back to where I belong, merely for exposing you're non existent knowledge in history and culture ?
I'm going to make myself absolutley clear this isn't a measure of IQ or who can name the country with the highest GDP but surely deportation is not the answer or is it?

Yes Yes Yes!! Shout it from the rooftops i say Yes I think deportation is the answer for the certain individuals confused with the liberation movement of colonizing countries and the after effects should visit the African and Asian continents and experience and conversatate with the grandsons and grandaughters of intellects who just so happened to be making strides in medicine, science, infrastructure, finance and business whilst Europe clutched at straws in the dark ages.

Go back to where I belong? Not entirely sure where I belong but I call this home being stuck in traffic everyday, pray every morning for the sun with a fish and chips.

You have no ownership for this tiny little island any more than I do, your passport and mine look the same, you drive the same car I do, You pay the same rent I do, We both financed an identical square luxury brainwashing T.V with all the furniture pointed at it in the living room.

What is the difference? Still want me to go back to where I belong?

We are amongst friends, let's not allow this bigot to be successful. We must not allow our history to be forgotten, we must not allow for the colonised to forget and we must not allow for the colonised tongue to remain silent.