i loved everything about her and i think she did too , but somehow she decided to just let me go. it’s painful seeing her having fun, making friends and falling in love with someone who would never love her half as much as i did, and there i come and ask my self why not me? but i never answer cause deeply i know why. i just can’t believe that she knew the real me in no time, she couldn’t have found out the side of me i never show, i’m sure she doesn’t know what a terrible person i am ,how broken, how i think of myself, what i have turned to after all what i have been through, she doesn’t know about the people who kept making fun of me and what they said, my family who never thought that i am good enough, the first girl who broke my heart, the guy who used to beat me in school, how would she know that ??? i am sure she doesn’t, if she did how would have she loved me the way she used to ?? ohh wait, maybe she never loved me. maybe she knows everything.

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