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alaturkaonline the — (AO) -Long is the time we wanted to do an interview with you. We thank you for breaking.
Ahmet Önerbay — (IMU) — I thank you.

(AO) — I want to ask now. Why you than anyone else “young president” he is talking about?
(IMU) — Of course, I was 32 years old when I was elected president of our association last year and so the Los Angeles Turkish American Association (LATA a) the title of the youngest president in the history I have achieved. That’s why our name appeared young president.

A recent image of the featured interviewee.

(AO) — So young to take on such a big mission How does it feel?
(IMU) — definitely a big responsibility. I’m aware that I’m using in my power to serve as much as I can to our Turkish society. Before us, our friends and our association has worked as a manager I am currently trying to exploit our board continuously from the experiences of my great situated. Their experience and in association with the energy we are undertaking a lot of nice work and atacağız.

(AO) — continuous visits since you do the job, you’re meeting. In particular, the mayor of Los Angeles Sheriff, consulates, etc. What is the purpose of this visit?
(IMU) — of course, our biggest goal is to introduce our beautiful Turkey and Turks living in Los Angeles to be heard, to inform everyone that our presence here. Besides being aware of the activities of the municipalities or other embassies; make them work in cooperation if necessary, to organize events. Most mayors in Turkey living in Los Angeles who knew not even that we are staying in them astounded ourselves anlatınca. We give small gifts to them about our country and Turkey introductory book. In fact, our very helpful in going to visit it. For example, after our interview with the head of the municipality Carson Carson City is now a “Atatürk Statue project” we started. However, municipal officials have told the Turkish History to go to the city of West Hollywood. These are very good things.

(AO) — This visit will continue after that?
(IMU) — Yes. We just get started. We in Los Angeles Turkish American Association (LATA A) have undertaken a mission and we will certainly continue our mission.

(AO) — Gone With our years of work in one of your books that sound to create a Turkish section of Los Angeles was your main library. Could you give information about it?
(IMU) — In fact, this idea of ​​Los Angeles Consul General Aydin Artillery number of gentlemen appeared on the day we went to visit as LATAM. It was a little difficult but we did it. Now our people find books on the Turkish section of International Books Main Library in downtown Los Angeles, will be able to retrieve and read. there also wanting to make a direct donation Turkish books can be found in this book donations go together.

(AO) — Thousands of students studying in Los Angeles. Do you have a study about these students?
(IMU) — Yes, of course. Indeed, thousands of Los Angeles and around our Turkish students are studying. We do a variety of activities that they can find their problems and after-school job. “In 2012 the Student Outreach” with the name at the bottom of the USC student associations have organized an event in the build-up. Through this activity, students select speakers from different sectors we have tried to resolve the question marks about the future of their heads. Besides, recently the Ministry of Education in consultation with the authorities of the City of Los Angeles to an “Education Attache” We have received word of the appointment. We will continue working with our students.

(AO) — you tell us something about the Turkish schools?
(IMU) — A Turkish School Association within our LATAM (Turkish School), we have a school we held last week under the name. We give this Turkish education to our children in school. We also provide break have gathered from their own national culture and values. In addition, all these are providing the City of Los Angeles to acquire their Turkish friends.

(AO) — Can you tell us a little of your activities other than the ones mentioned say?
(IMU) — Of course. Our first Thursday of each month “Networking Event” We have what we call efficiency. Our people come together at this event, they meet each other, they fuse. newly arrived people to the city of Los Angeles is going this way, he met a lot of people. In addition to these activities in our religious and national günlermiz again, our concerts, our conferences have our picnic and volleyball days.

(AO) — What kind of work will have within the next process?
(IMU) — As in the past year in the further development of our Association in 2013, on behalf of the appeal to a wide audience we intend to sign a lot of work. In order to promote our country will have various visits. Again, I just mentioned, our activities will continue. Besides that we have a tree-planting project in Los Angeles. Turkey will build a library in Los Angeles after the Turkish forest.

A recent visit to a national treasure.

(AO) — Finally, do you have a message to the Turkish community in Los Angeles?
(IMU) — We do not represent the Turkish community in Los Angeles as LATAM in every way, announce the name and on behalf of our society to adapt to Los Angeles, we continue to work. However, the members of our association in our people for this, we need to stand by us work that we are more diligent. Being a member of our association or who want to get information about our association with them, please contact us. You can send e -mail to president@laturks.org or info@laturks.org address for contact.

(AO) — Thank you very much again for us to break.
(IMU) — I thank you.

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