Featured Story: Foreign Policy vs. Political Science

Frequently asked questions that political scientists have in the last day; Is Turkey turning away from the West? Israel attitude of the Erdoğan government, with Iran and the Arab world with the warm relations, and conflict be with secularists, seen as pro-Western forces in Turkey the number of asking this question every night gun raises. Some even go further cuts; Is Turkey turning into theocracy? Erdogan, for Menderes offender repeats the mistake, they ask. Kadariyla I’ve ever had in America from the Obama government is following this debate very close to them. For the past months, in fact, made Erdogan — Obama in Washington prior gorusmesi everyone was looking for an answer to this question. Interview prior to the USA’s former Turkey ambassador Mark Parris, Turkey’s foreign policy in the western angle of the uzaklastıg on, it is responsible for the Bush policies that the pragmatist, the Erdogan government followed a foreign policy of rapidly Turkey foreign policy “Russia, Iran, Sudan” line kaydıg his defended. And she’d already advised Obama to do work whether studies on this subject ONE. Water is a real, some tactics in Israel and Ankara’s approach to Iran, Washington’un not coincide exactly with those. Although the Obama administration, the nose in Israel’s solid management style he hoped to Erdogan’s speech lasted a little about Israel and dosage of not less welcome some action by the United States. However, despite these tum management does not think the US kaydig the West and especially its axis of Turkey. For the past on the gun in America’s new ambassador to Turkey James Jeffrey bulunduğu of important personalities such as the US and EU diplomats said they did not participate in the evaluation mAlArA from Turkey’s western uzaklastig fortes. Bati’lilas in Turkey and the West to approach goes back to the beginning of the movement and the Tanzimat reform edicts. Zooming with the US extends the time until the field Ismet Inonu 1940. The first time the “Western admiration of” then a “target” has become and the West from away are in again now, he complains the Erdogan government has conducted one of the biggest steps towards the West on the Republic of Turkey starting accession negotiations with the European Union.

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