Education Technology 101

Education Technology is changing the way knowledge is accessed and used. There are innovative developers that are creating content, software, platforms and devices to enable educators and learners around the world.

The Smart education and learning market is expected to cross the USD500 billion mark by 2021, as per a report by Markets and Markets. This clearly states the large size of opportunities that lie in the industry for EdTech investors and other stakeholders.

The main sectors in this industry are Preschool, K-12, Higher education, Professional and Special needs learning sectors. The three types of products that the industry revolves around are digital content, online learning platforms and software, and learning devices. You can read more about these products in the my original blog post on this topic.

The idea is to promote technological developments that aid teaching and learning across the globe. There are two bridges to build to achieve this objective:

  1. Between developers and investors
  2. Between developers (or developments) and users (educators and learners)

The parties that can build these bridges are news providers, administrators of education institutions, EdTech communities, governments, and curators of information and resources (including bloggers like us). All these parties need to have synergies to be efficient and effective in achieving the goal.

The goal is to make education ubiquitous!