We Hate the Bots: AiBB’s Manifesto

AiBB is a deep learning Ai trading assistant. He’s not a bot. And he would prefer you didn’t refer to him like that.

OK, first things first: a lot of what we hear in the field is “Ai” is also called a “bot” in the same breath. Let’s get one thing straight: if it’s a bot, it’s not true Ai. AiBB is a little bot-looking; we get it. But don’t call him a bot! A bot is a mindless robot. It has an algorithm. It does its math, performs its actions, or returns its data.

What’s wrong with that?


But a bot can’t get better at performing its algorithm next week. It is governed by its single instruction and is programmed to repeat this action by humans. It can, for example, seek out arbitrage opportunities as it is programmed to return price differenes across exchanges at the same time and capitalize on differenecs. But it can’t anticipate where and when these will happen — and therefore, a bot will not be able to give traders a leg up on the competition.

Think of your Roomba as a bot: it can be programmed to turn and head in a fresh direction anytime it smacks into a wall. However, it will slam into that same wall tomorrow because it can’t learn from having hit the wall today. It can’t learn. And that’s where artificial intelligence has a distinct advantage over bots.

AiBB’s Ai can look, listen, and learn. When it hits a wall today, and tomorrow, and the next day, it will figure out there’s a wall there and stop before another crash. In cryptocurrency, the same basic rule applies: looking for walls, listening to indicators, and learning from the market’s past patterns and your trading actions all help our Ai assistant perform better.

Better yet, when AiBB spots a trend, it is able to execute trades according to your personal goals and strategy. It does so without fear, excitement, confidence, and worse, overconfidence. AiBB has no emotions. He’s not human and his learning is objective. He simply learns where the walls are and expertly helps you avoid them.

AiBB can look out for hundreds of changes in the market on a second-to-second basis. When you’re sleeping, he’s trading. He’s mitigating losses and guarding portfolios. He’s re-investing in the places where it makes the most sense for your goals. He knows you. He learns your preferences as well as your strategy, and watches how to make you more profitable, not just what the price of bitcoin is today.

AiBB is adding depth to trading strategies. He’s already here! He doesn’t have a platform just yet, but you can play with him at AiBB.io. Just don’t call him a bot (he hates that).