Brian Alvey

Hi Brian, interesting article and I agree with a lot of what you say. However, I thought I would point out just a couple of things.

  1. We provide software to help publishers analyse, communicate and re-engage with their adblocking audience. Although a recent startup we already have hundreds of publishers using our technology. What I can tell you from the actual statistics is that little or no sites are seeing 50% adblocking on desktop. Taking the average of hundreds of sites generating billions of impressions the numbers are still under 30%. We had just one site so far that was hitting 50% and it was a torrent site pushing the most hellish garbage ads you can imagine. We de-activated their account.
  2. Native advertising is so not immune to adblocking, not only can it easily be blocked, but native advertising is already getting blocked.

What we are seeing is that publishers with quality content and a reasonable advertising experience, who tell adblockers upfront that they don’t peddle pop ups, pop unders, autoplay videos, click bait and other such intrusive advertising have a very large re-engagement of adblock users. We provide the tools to re-engage adblockers, measure those numbers and get up to and over 40% of adblockers re-engaged / whitelisting.

There is quite a long way to go if ever advertising online will be wiped out by adblockers. Let’s put it another way, give an adblocker a choice of reasonable ads -vs- paying and I can assure you getting to 2% conversion will be an achievement.

And finally. . . . . If publishers have a reasonable ad experience and avoid the kind of ads that created ad-blocking in the first place then there is technology available right now :-) which can protect the integrity and delivery of a publishers web content, including advertising, the way they intended it to be delivered, at least the first time.

We believe there is no better, convenient or acceptable value exchange proposition between publisher and consumer than online advertising, and thanks to adblocking, online advertising is going to get a lot better!

Many thanks for your article

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