Why You Don’t Need A Plan

Why You Don’t Need A Plan

These days, all the rave is about the latest fad or plan, whether it be the next best exercise, or the latest crash diet.

This isn’t only in the women’s health world either, it’s infected the men’s health world just as badly too.

To prove this, all you have to do is look at each and every issue of the latest men’s magazine in the world of health, fashion and the like, and you’ll know what I mean.

The one thing in common all of this influential media has, is the magic pill they’re trying to sell you. The magic pill that makes you think, only what’s inside their issue will help you. The magic pill that makes you feel like you’re doomed to poor health and a poor physique if you don’t use their plan, or buy their product.

Why are you believing these fads or this and that plan?

Pick up one of these magazines, or check a few issues over the coming months, and notice how it’s basically the same stuff rehashed in different wording each time.

Sure, when new studies, or ideas come out they may include them, but the rest is the same old!

So what really works?

What will actually work for you, to hugely transform your body and mind?

Well… All you have to do is look throughout history to find out what has worked, and what continues to work.

Sure, we can talk about specific methods and a plan combining them to work harmoniously, such as:

  • Martial Arts, which has been forged through 1000’s of years in the battlefield.
  • Yoga, through the history of the East, and embedded in Eastern Philosophy.
  • Strength Training, seen in Gymnastics, the Olympics etc. which has been around since the Ancient Greeks and Romans.
  • Philosophy, for getting your mind set in the right place; embodied by the Ancient Greeks again.
  • And much more…

Of course, these are the most diverse, and relevant disciplines which I provide to the guys’ lives I transform, but there’s a few key things missing.

Where’s the accountability?

Being held accountable to someone other than yourself. To keep you on track, and have someone to check in with you continually throughout your journey. To make sure you’re following through on your word, and turning that word into action, when and why you said you would.

Where’s the coaching?

Having someone like myself coach you throughout the process. To help you understand what are the right actions to take, when, and why. Most importantly, coaching that is specific to you, and not just a cookie-cutter plan. I’ve put in 10,000+ hours of training and coaching, so I’ve made the mistakes through my experience, so you don’t have to waste your precious time and money doing the same!

Where’s the consistency?

Have you tried a plan, new diet, new exercise craze? Done it for a few weeks, then thought sod it?! There’s no point doing something for a few weeks, then jumping onto the next fad. Be consistent with a process that you love, enjoy, and brings you great results.

Besides all of the fancy features and plans, these are the 3 key things most of you guys are missing to once and for all, achieve your health and fitness goals.

Think you can just wing it, without a proper process in place? No chance!

This is the #1 reason why I see most of you guys failing time and time again.

As soon as the accountability, coaching, and consistency are taken care of, alongside all of the fancy features, suddenly, you’ll start achieving great results.

It works. Period.

Ultimately, this is why you don’t need a plan. Especially nowadays, where you can find 101 diet and any old fitness plan online. If another plan was the solution to your problems, you wouldn’t be down and out of shape!

Just for interest, a Google search (at time of writing) for ‘diet and exercise plan’, brought up about 36,600,000 results.

Nearly 37 million results! Say no more….

P.S. If you want to avoid sifting through the rubbish plans, get true lasting results, a genuine once and for all solution to transform your body and mind, send me a message, and let’s have a no strings attached conversation!


Originally published at fitroots.co.uk on June 23, 2016.

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