The teams with no home.

As Call of duty Championships fast approaches, and the last of the teams are locked in, one question remains. Who’s going to pick up the teams still without a organisation?


  1. Probably the most well known group here, is the EX Dream team roster of season 2. Comprising of Killa, Chino, Diabolic and Sender, this team surprised everyone at the start of Season 2 and again at the playoffs finishing a highly respectable 2nd. This team looks to be the most lucrative for any potential Organisation out there, with the potential of placing in the money. With the groups for champs now decided, this team looks set to make it out of groups.
  2. CORN. Relatively unknown, and compromised of players who were, for the most part, on the fringe of professional play this year. Methodz and Blfire returned to teaming after competing together on the Season 1 CLG roster, joined by Twizz after a failed stint in France, and TeeCLAM, a skilled amateur player. These may seem like a hastily put together team simply to gain a free trip to LA, but that overlooked status might make them an attracting opportunity for an organisation who doesn't want to spend top dollar to get a team. With Faze and Elevate in their group, it may seem an unlikely feat to make it out of group but with Faze being shaky on LAN, CORN have a chance to make to bracket play.
  3. Living the Dream. The Ex-Tsm roster of PacMan, Wheats, IVY and Colechan failed to make playoffs in Season 2 and were subsequently dropped by TSM. Yet, they stuck together and managed to gain a spot in LA, and with TSM seemingly wanting to pick up a team for champs, maybe we’ll see a reunion of sorts. However they have little chance of making it out of bracket play, with 2 top EU teams in their group.
  4. Revoltables. The only Non NA roster on here, consisting of 3 UK players and one german, this team is not expected to make it out of groups and so a small organisation is probably their best bet, if any.

The match ups

  1. ) Ex-DT. This team is the best out of the 4, and with an asking price of around $40,000, only high caliber teams will be able to pick them up. Many have speculated NRG which has rich investors such as Shaq, but TSM and Liquid are all candidates. One dark horse contender though is Echo Fox, with their roster underwhelming and not managing to qualify, maybe the current roster will be left behind in favour of a much more viable team. My bet, NRG, players and team have recently began following each other.
  2. With the ability to make it out of groups depending on upsets and performances on the day, some large organisations might be willing to take a chance on them. Liquid seems a posibility, along with CLG too, and maybe NRG if they don’ go for the DT roster. My bet, CLG having contracted two of the players previously.
  3. Livin the dream. A return to TSM seems unlikely seeing as this team was always expected to qualify and TSM would have simply kept the team earlier. If not signed by a big organisation then maybe some former Call of duty organisations might make a return, Strictly business and Denial have been active in other Esports since leaving Call of Duty, and MRKN has shown an interest in picking a team up. My bet, Denial, no large organisation will pick them up, as they have hardly any chance of making it out of groups.
  4. This was the most difficult to predict, but i eventually decided on the fact that with no chance of making it out of groups, and no player marketability, its likely that no organisation will pick the team up, maybe some smaller EU team such as Exertus. My bet, No one.