He Falls for his Black Servant Girl (Cemetery Fence) Prologue

When they stopped, Ekoyata saw Gloria moving her body in a slow circle. It was a dance step. There was music everywhere. Dry leaves and insects were playing music. And the breeze was singing.

Gloria spun. Her long gown belled out in the wind and Ekoyata saw where her panty started in her thighs. Ekoyata turned his face from her. She was provoking his feelings. He knew that if he give free reign to those feelings he could do something that would make him feel ashamed. Gloria stopped dancing.

‘Somewhere down there, the trees have formed a rug,’ she said. ‘If I could fly there I could imagine how soft it would be to land on it.’

Ekoyata looked at her. ‘You are wonderful!’ he said. ‘And do you know what I think, Gloria? I can bring down the sun, if I have a long stick.’

They looked at each other and began to laugh. Gloria flung her arms out again and began to dance at the back of Ekoyata. She mumbled snatches of the melody in the wind as she gloried herself in the twitching of her muscles.
The humming of the song turned Ekoyata’s head round. Gloria saw him. Gloria smiled. The shades of her mind were completely gone from her face. She danced ballet. The sheer beauty of dance reeled Ekoyata’s senses as he watched her.

When Gloria stopped dancing, she gazed up at Ekoyata and heaved a deep sigh. Ekoyata stared at the outline of her body. It was hazy under the gown. Something was telling him to pull Gloria down and make her sit on his laps. 
Ekoyata moved close to her. He caught her shoulders and pulled her to himself. He was surprised that she didn’t resist him. He staggered and went down backward to a mound of anthill. Gloria was on his laps. He felt the pressure from the Akpono beads that lay on her waist. He smoothen the wisps of her jet black hair over the nape of her neck. She was smiling but her lips weren’t stable. They seemed to tremble slightly. Ekoyata knew that each of the touches of his hand on her hair set her on fire.

Her weight pressed her thighs against his. He wondered if she would allow him to see the Akpono on her waist. He remembered the night of the Ikhio Gbedu. Obehi told him that girls didn’t let men see the Akpono on their waist except on special occasions. But when they were in love, they let their lover see them. Was he Gloria’s lover now? Would he let him see it? He touched the Akpono on her waist and felt her body surging. When he touched it a second time, Gloria jolted up with a scream. Ekoyata knew what she was feeling. She ran off from him. Ekoyata went after her. Then, he saw her going down.

She must have struck a stone, Ekoyata thought. Gloria scrambled violently and stopped on her knees. She turned herself and sat on the ground. Ekoyata stood over her. Gloria pulled up her gown and examined her knee.

‘Did you injure your leg?’ he asked.

‘I am trying to see,’ she said.

Ekoyata squatted down and put down one knee. He wasn’t very comfortable because her gown was too high on her thighs and he was seeing the inside of her legs.

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