Optimal training in aikido, part 1

Hi Tom,

Good article on Aikido.

If you or your audience have questions on Aikido please let me know.

I have been practising Aikido since the early 1990s and have travelled the world training Aikido.

Aikido is not an easy martial to understand and learn.

We are peaceful warriors that don’t want war. The good Aikidoka has dropped the ‘us against them’ attitude that dominates most martial arts. Most good Aikidoka I know are also black belts in either judo, karate or kendo. When the Aikidoka needs to fight to save his or her life or love one, they don’t use only Aikido, they use all the martial art they know.

We also train in a certain way that the popular ‘sports’ oriented martial arts seems to be more realistic.

The problem with reality is that it is random hence unpredictable. A beginner cannot train random, they need form. On the subject of reality, most people that use Aikido in real life are soldiers, police and bouncers. It works there and not on ring or octagon.