Well……I don’t mean to speak for Tulsi, but I suppose she’d answer “the fictional world of somebody…
Kady M.

Somebody who has actually been there? That’s a trite little answer that holds a veneer of authority but is ultimately an empty hand-wave. It’s a bit like a Holocaust-denier saying, “I know what I’m talking about because I’ve been to Auschwitz.” Going on a carefully orchestrated trip to visit refugees (who have no real knowledge beyond their own immediate circumstance; that is, none of them would have any actual insight into what the U.S. is doing or not doing) and Assad, the dictator and potential war criminal whose regime is under attack, does not necessarily impart any greater objective knowledge about what the U.S. government and military are doing. And more significantly, it does not grant a license to rewrite history, as Ms. Gabbard attempts to do.

With respect to your jabs at me and my “closed mind,” and my bias, you need assume nothing; I have nothing to hide. Google my name and you can easily see where I am coming from. Yes, I am a veteran and in fact, I am still in the military. I also have a career as a civilian government lawyer. I’m not just an outsider who has faith in the U.S. government, I am the government (well, a cog in the government machine), so yes, of course I have a bias. We all have biases, it is inescapable. The trick is to be aware of your biases and strive to be as objective as possible. I know from my experience as a lawyer, that for every circumstance there are multiple “sides” and that the truth usually lies somewhere in between them (although not always, sometimes one side really is telling the whole truth). So, contrary to your assumption, I don’t just accept everything given to me by the government “hook, line, and sinker.” I carry skepticism as well. But where I have knowledge and insight, and have seen evidence, and have had the chance to weigh and evaluate the facts, I am just as entitled to come to my own conclusions as you are. And in this instance, my conclusion is that Ms. Gabbard has bought into a fictional narrative.

Now, as for you, why do you hide behind a nom de guerre? I am up front about who I am, what my background is, and where I am coming from, but you on the other hand, mask yourself with a made-up moniker. It’s difficult to give any respect or credibility to someone who hides in that manner. If you are going to speak in a public forum, then be public about who you are. Or shut up.

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