Why The Degree is Dying (and being replaced by something better)
Isaac Morehouse

This is millennial drivel. It is a dream of millennial’s that is divorced from reality. It is another demonstration of the “on demand” generation trying to come up with excuses to not put in the hard work and time to build knowledge, mature, and grow as a person before jumping into the workforce and demanding a high paying job. The reality is this: for the vast majority of “white collar” jobs, a degree is necessary, both as a credential and as a necessary base of knowledge and demonstration of minimal competence and work ethic. While there will always be those anecdotal few who manage to break from the norm and find success, those people are few. Most of those who try to go that route end up in failure, often finding themselves relegated to a job that requires asking, “Would you like fries with that?” In the real world, show me a resume that doesn’t have a college degree, and I will show you a resume that is going in the trash can and a job applicant who is not getting an interview. And not simply because the person doesn’t have a degree — it is because in all likelihood, he does not have the requisite knowledge, experience, and maturity for the job.

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