The Legion is Coming

Finally! Blizzard has announced earlier this month that we are going to see Legion by the end of August. I for one think this is a much needed change from the drab experience that was Warlords of Draenor. Draenor was clearly a filler expansion. They had run out of fresh ideas and needed something to fill the space between Mists of Panderia and their next big release. Unfortunately, the players suffered for this. However, now we have our salvation!

I am a mythic raider in a 13/13 mythic guild on US-Sargeras. I raid with Vigil 3 days a week. You could say i’m not terribly casual! Draenor ran out of content really quickly. I was left hating logging in even once a week to raid Hellfire Citadel for the umpteenth time and feeling extremely burnt out. But now my enthusiasm is renewed for Legion.

I have mained a Resto Druid since Trial of the Crusader and I will continue to do so in Legion. They have made some pretty interesting changes to our specs, some I agree with, others not so much. However overall I can really say I enjoy what I’ve seen. I was lucky enough to receive an Alpha and Beta invite for this expansion and took some time to check out raids, dungeons, and a small amount of leveling content. Here are some of the things, listed, not in detail, that I enjoyed from my testing.

Voice acting — They gave us a heck of a lot more of Khadgars sexy voice this expansion, and yeah..others too. It really boosts the immersion.

Artifact — At first I didnt like the idea that I couldnt get different weapons. But the artifact weapon is extremely customizable in both function and appearance. It’s especially cool for us druids as it effects our shapeshifts! (Yes, you can have one for every spec regardless of your main one!)

Graphics and art — Thank GOD we have some new models. One thing Blizzard does that really frustrates me is recycle models and zones. They tuned up all of the models and fully revamped some as well! The environments in Legion are INCREDIBLE. That is really all I can say. You’ll see when you get there ;) or if you want to spoil it for yourself check it out online. Also, sweet new mounts! not just shitty recolors of our old ones. Cough draenor.

Dungeon experience — Yay! Unique boss encounters. These are not full of recycled mechanics and concepts, all of their bosses are fairly unique excluding some of the basic “dragon” mechanics that you see in every dragon encounter. Check out specifically Cenarious, and Dragons of Nightmare.

Player controlled leveling experience — This is really refreshing. Everyone doesn't have to cram into the same areas to level, you can choose via a mission map in your main class zone where you’d like to go questing. You have a few to choose from :)

And TONS more. I can’t go into extreme detail at the moment and once the Xpac launches I’ll be getting ready for raiding. But definitely search around and seek out info on Legion. You won’t regret renewing your WoW sub this time!!

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