Here to Redefine the Play-spaces : In Conversation with the Team of Gudgudee

Being students of National Institute of Design, the duo — Anjali and Aditi, got to visit special schools for research, under the course — ‘Design for Special Needs’ .There they realised that the children had abundant options to play indoors, but none for going out and playing. They understood the major reason i.e. the conventional play equipments were unsafe.

They encountered the issues and designed a play area within the campus of the Blind People’s Association, Ahmedabad which could be used by all children irrespective of their abilities. It was well received. Years later, the concept of having their own studio, came very naturally to them and they continue explore the unexplored and make play spaces exciting yet inclusive.

Tell us briefly about the startup?

Gudgudee is a design firm that designs for public spaces. Currently we have two main offerings; playspaces for children and outdoor furniture.

With our play spaces, we go beyond the conventional swing and slides to create installations which integrate sensory elements to make it fun for children. Since the play spaces we design are sensory in nature, they allow children of all abilities to play together.

Our outdoor furniture range is called ‘Oblique’. At Oblique we design everything from seating, bollards, lighting, planters and outdoor installations for public spaces.

What is your strategy on achieving this?

We partner with key architectural firms who are our major influencers and collaborators. Since we offer turnkey projects, we also get vendors on board to handle the execution. So as a studio we can only focus on the design.

Key features of your product?

I think the major feature of our products is that they are all user centric. Be it playspaces or street furniture, they all are born out of our research on behaviours, needs and requirements of users and the context. This endeavor often results in very innovative solutions. We not only design but also help build. We offer turnkey solutions which help our customers to realize the designs in best possible manner.

How this product is going to make the cities smarter?

At Gudgudee, we’ve always wondered, that how can a city be called ‘smart’, if it restricts a majority of its population from accessing its public spaces! And that is exactly what our designs resolve and ultimately help cities become smartly inclusive and intuitive.

Personal statement that defines you as an entrepreneur?

“If it’s not been done before does not mean it cannot be done.”

At Gudgudee we have worked with children several times and they are the ones who always inspire us to keep going on. Children don’t have the fear of failure and don’t stop until they get what they’ve been striving for . This is exactly what inspires us to continue with the path that we’ve chosen.

How has AIM SmartCity Accelerator Program helped you till now?

The program thus far has been very rewarding. It has provided us with many opportunities to grow not only as entrepreneurs but also as people. It has given us an opportunity to interact and learn from successful entrepreneurs who inspire us to not give up and has also connected us to like- minded entrepreneurs who are at the same stage of business as we are.