One Stop for All Bill Payments — In Conversation with the Team of Pumpcharge .

Tell us briefly about your startup?

Pumpcharge is a B2B wallet for common man who has to visit different offices, stand in long lines to pay different bills. We are bringing all the bill payment and ticketing services under one roof at a store near their home. We provide a tablet and an e-Wallet to the local shop owners to perform transactions for the customers. We’re bringing convenience to the customers at nearby stores, petrol pumps, restaurants, cafes and their favourite hangout places. And not only that, we also provide the best offers & discount coupons of local restaurants and shops on every transaction.

What is your strategy on achieving this?

Getting vendors on board by providing them a digitized solution and offering them more services to provide to their customers. We are increasing the revenue of the vendors by aggregating all the service on platform which they can provide to their customers.

Making customers aware of the nearby area of the services that are available at the vendor’s store. Building a trust factor as people still prefer to travel to government offices to pay different bills.

Key features of your product?

Universal B2B Wallet. Not only it’s a one stop solution for all bill payments, through our tablets, we are planning to create a hyper local advertising segment. We offer brands, local restaurants, shops to advertise through us to the customers of a particular area or city. In that way, they can advertise to their targeted audience.

What inspired you to create this product?

Problem of visiting different stores and offices for paying different bills. As a teenager, a lot of my time got wasted on travelling to different offices for paying different bills. Also, being from a middle class family, the availability of online banking facilities was scarce. There are few aggregators in the market but not all services are available under one roof. Also, common man is not aware of such platforms.

How can this product bring change?

We are cutting down the travelling time for the common man. Instead of visiting 6–8 different offices, we are bringing them all bill payment and ticketing services at one shop. For our vendors, we are digitizing this industry and increasing their customers & revenue.

Who are your competitors ?

Fastticket and few other B2B portals.

How is your product better than that of the competitors here?

We are trying to build a brand here, so that every common man in this country doesn’t have to waste time in visiting different offices to pay different bills. We are trying to bring all ticketing services right from movie to bus and train, insurance and every other bill payment under one roof.

And for our vendors, we provide them a tablet which reduces their hassle. We also provide them extra revenues from Display Ads and Coupon distribution.

Personal statement that defines you as an entrepreneur?

Karle Jugaad Karle! As a startup, one has very little resources, that’s where the jugaad part comes in.

How has AIM SmartCity Accelerator Program helped you till now?

We have got structured, got more professional due to the accelerator. Now, we are chasing our goals in a more structured manner. Mentoring at every step is the best part of the AIM SmartCity Accelerator.

Message for other startup people?

Make sure you have the best team who share your vision. It’s gonna take time. Have patience. Things are gonna happen. Hard work is the best possible way to make things happen.