Transforming the Logistics Industry — In Conversation with the Team of Truckerrs .

Tell us briefly about your startup ?

As Truckerrs, our model is that of a hybrid truck aggregator which provides intelligent end to end inter-city logistics support for businesses.

What is your strategy for achieving this ?

The whole logistics ecosystem is price driven. Our sales and operation plans work to create a win-win scenario for both — our clients, as well as the truck owners. The sensitive end of this industry lies in the hands of the truck owners. Our unique pricing algorithm shows improved rate of retention for truck owners as well as clients which has made us scalable in this industry. Further, payment has been simplified and restricted to moderate and mitigate risk of extending credit lines. Virality of such a platform comes through the network effect we’ve created in the Industry.

Key features of the product?

End-to-end booking engine with Integrated Fleet Management System, Multi-channel and Advanced Trip Analytics.

What inspired you to create this product?

Continuous research helped us to learn that $99 billion are lost due to inefficiencies, 65 million trips are made by the trucks when the requirement is of 90 million. There is also a shortage of drivers by 22% and is expected to increase to approximately 52% by 2024 . The motivating factor is the increasing GDP share of logistics.

How is this product going to bring a change?

We are confident that our product will not only help in reducing the truck hunting time and increasing the number of trips per truck . But ultimately make the operations completely hassle free.

Who are your competitors and what they are doing?

We are directly in competition with the open market brokers. They have colonized the logistics landscape from the advent of increasing modal share of roadways and are still colonizing.

How is your product better than that of your competitors ?

The Industry needs to be approached with the available services, which are suitable for them. Keeping aside the better UI/UX, insurance, fleet management support and multi-channel support , we are reaching the hidden truck owners via network effect that starts with banks, insurance companies, petrol pumps, service centers, dealers, dhabas and brokers.

Personal statement that defines you as entrepreneurs ?

We like to solve real problems, in this age people directly relate it to an entrepreneur.

How has AIM SmartCity Accelerator Program helped you till now?

AIM SmartCity has provided us with the most suitable mentors , technology support , networks and infrastructure . Above all , they’ve helped us to build a strategy , define a realistic picture for Truckerrs and taught us seed funding for operations .

Message for other startups ?

Think Big, Start Small !