What if life is a loop and in fact it never progress forward?

It reminds me of many sci-fi movies about how people are stuck into a certain moment of time that they struggle to jump out.

That’s one of my sad and pathetic “fresh-graduated workplace newbie” thought. (Sorry for my constantly self-doubt and passive murmurs.)

So last year I graduated from a journalism degree with my passion for this news world, even naively think I’m ready to “take the heat” as they stated on the recruitment details. Taught myself AE, taught myself instant iPhone footage edit etc.

And turns out I was just lucky enough to get a sponsored job to keep my ass stay in the UK for another 3 years doing hardly-journalism related work.

So last week as I was doing my routine work: translating news from English outlet and putting them into quick snappy copy writing. I found that other mobile Chinese media outlets ( they are dozes of them all doing the same things:ripe news from BBC, Daily Mail, Metro and it is all the SPEED of translating that counts in this sickening business) , they were all making a huge fuss on the Anti-Japanese whale hunting in Piccadilly Circus. It was funny, they almost NEVER had a first -hand story. One of the editor happened to drop by PC (to shop for some meal deal in that giant Boots I suppose) and saw this. So he took photos and suddenly, bang, this story is taking over mobile media feed.

It suddenly brought me back to exactly one year ago when the same group of people were protesting for the same cause outside Japan embassy.

But not like this time I was pretty cynical and saw enough protests going on in London. That time I was so thrilled and excited, first time week-end excise outing with my pal in university with giant boom microphone, video camera and a monstrous size tripod.

We did the story, reported it, made a nice video package, had some photos as I, an totally amateur photographer was quite proud of.

And now it has been a whole year. I’m still siting here in London, ripping Twitter photos off with those faces that don’t change that much from last year. Writing the same background story. Explaining the same historical cause.

After whole one year I’m in the same place doing the same story.

Even you can see it’s a different attitude, somehow I feel, it seems life is not moving forward.

Day by day we pass through the same routine, take the same tube line, have a same soya latte.

Day by day so many stories repeat themselves in London, the vastest city in the world.

The same light come in and leave London street. The same sun rise and fall. The same people yell and cry. The same flowers blossom and die.

Same protests routinely organized once a year or twice or even seasonally, with same people maybe some come and some go.

It’s like FalunGong and pro-Tibet protestors that you see in every big Chinese mainstream event. All the same faces again and again. Even the dates don’t alter much. It just puts on a number on the year.

All of a sudden I feel I’m stuck in the world with nowhere to escape. I love journalism because some people are born to be fascinated by stories. So it is even more destroying than having no story at all, is that I’m feeling I’m writing the same story. Again and again.

And next year I bet those dolphin hunting group will still be in somewhere central in London, like many other groups, events, festivals, exhibitions, pancake runs, zombie walk, naked cycling days, tube strikes, pet show, MCM comic. We are again and again excited by the things that never change, and we are so into them like its the first time you ever see them.

Are we just repeating our life and satisfied with it if you constantly forget you’ve already done it?

Are we fooling ourselves?

Is our life merely a circle that never gonna move anywhere?