Aims Moon Paperie

Handcrafted stationery and gifts

I was 22 years old when I knew for sure that I wanted to become an entrepreneur because working a dead end job for the rest of my life isn’t the way I imagined my story playing out. I can’t tell you how many business ideas I’ve had an researched but just did that. Dreamed in researched. I never went as far as purchasing supplies and creating products. I would let doubt take over and call it quits.

Something changed this time. Me! In October last year I was let go from my job. Man, I was so confused. I had so many things planned based on working at this job.And just like that, it was over. So instead of wallowing, I figured hey, everything happens for reason. So I said To myself, let’s put this time and energy into something productive and start your own business. Remember: Strive, stay disciplined, compete with yourself, inspire to create, create to inspire.

Then comes Aims Moon Paperie! handcrafted stationery and gifts brand.

I knew that whatever path I took in the entrepreneurship I have to let my creativity free. (Light bulb) Stationery! A field where creativity is needed and growth is promised. I started with hand drawn cards and selling them in store at Boheme Atelier, Saint Louis, MO in December 2015. Then on March 1, 2016 I launched my web-store and had a celebration party. It’s was a great success. I now sell greeting cards, journals and keychains.

I’m so excited to have finally on the path I’ve always wanted to be on. I’m excited to work hard towards the growth of Aims Moon Paperie.

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