New Year Resolutions to live by forever.

Disclaimer: These points are based from my experience as a princess.

The disclaimer was a joke. Or is it? Anyways, I’m just going to come right out and say that I was not honest with the myself in 2015. I was not honest in the health department, in the spiritual dept., in the financial dept., and the mental dept. I could on (not too far) about such but those specific “dept” were and still are the most important to me.

So in saying that I wasn’t honest with myself concerning those “dept.” simply means I didn’t accomplish the goals or guidelines I set for the each of them. I mean, I’m 24 years old and I still haven’t gotten the discipline and responsibility stuff down yet?! Concerning other people, “they say” at my age I should have my shit together, point blank. And I will agree to a point but it all takes time.

The following resolutions are definitely for my own gain. They are different from the previous years because now I feel a little accomplished concerning my stationery business Aims Moon Paperie. (Est 2015) I’ll go in detail in a later blog about how this business came about. Anywho, So now I’m a student also. I can’t drop the ball. I have to get more focused and goal oriented as ever.

To the resolutions:
Be honest with yourself. About everything.
Aim to accomplish your goals.
Set your own guidelines and follow them thoroughly.
Don’t procrastinate.
Your life is your life and only you can live it.


Photo: Aims Moon Paperie

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