Freedom, health, respect

To balance health and freedom in a society, it is imperative to recognize other people’s choices and beliefs. Being free does not mean doing whatever one wants, being free implies respect. Respect for one’s peers’ freedom. By engaging in any activities that could harm someone else, one withdraws this person’s freedom since one is forcing him to suffer from the consequences of one’s actions. However suffering from the majority’s choices does harm one’s freedom since one did not choose, it was the point of view of people by whom is outnumbered . To achieve equilibrium in a society between health and freedom, respect is the key.

First one should respect others’ choices and try to not influence their daily. It is therefore completely understandable for someone to protect his freedom if he feels that the latter is threatened: for instance, the Ebola disease in countries of Africa. The fact that surrounding countries controlled travelers from those territories is not an attack to infected places’ freedom, it is only the exercising of the right of protecting themselves from others’ harm.

Second one must strive to not undergo the majority’s choice if it does not fit one’s reality. For example in today’s world, racial minorities, while being present and represented everywhere, still experience racial prejudice. Recently, in Dallas, a sniper killed five police officers during a Black Lives Matter march on Thursday night. The peaceful protesters composed of hundreds of people from all races were walking down the streets while they had been attacked. “During the incident, twelve total police officers would be shot, in addition to two civilians, including a mother who was shielding her children” says Sarah BERTNESS, writer at The Daily Beast. Minorities had always have an major role in what we are today, still they suffer due to their state as minority. In a society where we value respect, every single person’s opinion matters and their voice should be heard and welcomed. One has his personal desires and goals, and we should work together to achieve wellness for everyone. To do so, to respect this person, one should accept his complaints and act accordingly.

In the actual world we are far away from this day where everyone’s voice will be heard, where minorities do not suffer from any kind of prejudice and where one shall restrain his freedom for the others’ sake, showing respect for their lives and their freedom. As I have been told before, freedom is not about doing what one wants to, it is about doing what one must.