On Hating Trans People
Rachel Anne Williams

I am a Trans Woman currently in a Woman’s Shelter where pretty much every day is filled with things like, “Those people should have their own shelters.” And that’s when they are feeling compassionate in their way of thinking. There was one other sister staying here but she finally snapped. My threshold for pain is more on line with prior experiences from being beaten unconscious without warning to walking out of a restaurant and having the going out the door ahead of me wheel around and cold cock me in the face. What I thought was a sympathetic passerby was a cop putting plastic tie cuffs on me then shoving me into a cruiser.

In his mind that cop thought he was being kind and after running a check on me left me go with a warning to not try working in neighborhoods like that.

At the time I was transitioning on the job at Fifth Third Bank, Cincinnati, Ohio in 2004 and had recently been elected to the executive board of Over-the-Rhine Community Council.

It’s 2019 and from what I see, things are just different, not better. Since I have no family, no tribe, I am seriously making plans to leave the country unless an extraordinary reason for staying materializes.