Why half of all people who have ever died, died from Malaria.

You’ve probably heard about Malaria, about how it’s spread by mosquitoes and about how a lot of people have been killed from it. But why?

If you ever take a holiday and go to Africa, your doctor will advise you to take Antimalarial medication. For a two-week excursion, antimalarials will cost you anywhere from $10 – $300. This medicine is inaccessible for a lot of people. Around 40% of all malaria deaths occur in just two countries, Nigeria and The Democratic people’s Republic of the Congo. The average GDP per capita in Nigeria is $2,688 and the DPRC’s is just $1,379.

The correlation is clear, obviously, we’ve known this for decades. But how does a single – celled organism cause 55 billion deaths? Its a simple, but lethal, combination of two factors; easy and effective transmission of the disease and deadliness of the disease. These two factors rarely come together, for example Ebola had to be transferred via bodily fluids. Bodily fluids are relatively unlikely to transfer, especially through the air. This is why Ebola was kept under control. Malaria, 90% of the time is transferred through mosquitos, which are airborne. Thats is why it’s so damn lethal.

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