AIRCOIN ERC-20 TOKEN: Distribution Economics, Presales & ICO DETAILS


AIRCOIN​ is the smart media token that controls the entire Air Clinic Healthcare economy. Through the power of the blockchain, we are creating a new ecosystem that sustains our innovative reward system.

It is the currency of our social healthcare community. Users earn it and spend it within the Healthcare system and through our numerous partners online and offline.

Air Clinic on the other hand is a social media hospital where users can learn about their health and get paid for meaningful contributions.

The maiden version of the Air Clinic Social App for Healthcare was launched on the 21st of July, 2018. Since then we have seen many amazing user statistics and steady growth which shows​ evidence of real activity on the App. We haven’t even started promoting yet.

Why did users fall in love with the idea of Air Clinic? Is it the fact that it’s a platform that rewards users for living healthy lives? Of course that’s a virgin point of engagement. Most healthcare facilities focus on taking rather than giving. On Air Clinic we give alot. We have taken up the Herculean task of making healthcare available and affordable not to talk of fun for everyone.

This is the only facility where you are paid to be healthy! Health is wealth here literally!! Our experts are on ground from all over the world waiting to help solve your medical needs at the least cost to you financially and otherwise.

We still have alot planned to get you excited even more. For example, you will be earning more tokens for sharing our special articles to social media like Facebook and Twitter! Isn’t that just amazing?

This is our Network! We all have the shared responsibility to promote it and tell all of our friends about it. Why? You are not just a user of this social network. You are a shareholder here! As long as you hold some Air TOKENS then you are a co-owner of Air Clinic. Hence you must help her succeed!

This gives you a glimpse of what we are working hard to achieve with this innovative combination of blockchain, healthcare and social activity. The applications of this ecosystem is massive. Just take a moment and imagine all the possibilities. They are endless. We are taking decentralization to a whole new level.

PRE-LAUNCH APP STATS: 10,000+ User Activities, 1000+ Comments, 100+ Posts

With our App user statistics appreciating daily we are looking at a point in time when AIR CLINIC will be the default application for mobile Healthcare access worldwide. When that time comes, make sure you already have enough AIRCOIN stocked in your wallet for use. It’s going to be in super high demand soon.

If real human users could perform more than 10000 rewardable activities on the App in less than 1month, then imagine what it will look like when we launch massive promotions online and offline, bounty campaign, Airdrops, token Presales and ICO.

This is one of the reasons why we are currently running a Bounty Campaign. We are also planning a presales which will happen soon. The aim is to put the AIRCOIN tokens in the hands of early adopters who in turn become the whales of the decentralized Healthcare ecosystem we are building.

–> Approx Age: 30 days

–> Unique Visitors: 1500+

–> Activity: 10,000+

–> Comments: 1100+

–> Posts: 100+

–> Word Count: 60K +

–> Avg Word Count Per post: 700+

–> Avg Comment Per Post: 14+


Healthcare is a multi-billion dollar industry and the demand for it is just like Air. Most internet users have come in contact with WebMD. The website gets a monthly traffic averaging 180 million unique users. Last year they were priced at 2billion USD by a private company named Kohiberg Kravis Roberts.

WebMD makes most of their revenue through advertising for medicine and drug companies. They are also supported by affiliated hospitals, private investors, and supporters. They diversified into offline magazines for health experts as well as online medical dictionaries.

Our model totally overhauls this centralized system and retains the useful tested and trusted methods. With decentralization Air Clinic will be much more efficient and rewarding for participants. Imagine the possibilities of fusing the blockchain technology with a widely needed service like healthcare. We will cut costs to a minimum level.

Tokens will be widely distributed and network nodes will be universal. Contributors are also universal and are rewarded handsomely by the system. Our Revenue model involves more emphasis on partnership with online and offline medical facilities than overt advertising.

One thing we can always agree on is that centralized healthcare is expensive and wasteful. With the blockchain however, there’s a transparent audited system which will eliminate most of the bureaucratic bottlenecks faced by healthcare consumers. It’s time we take over the $ 2billion online market for health material consumption. In addition to that we manage the $20 trillion USD health budget worldwide.


Our formula is simple but revolutionary. We have developed an algorithm known as the “Proof of Health” system. Using this blockchain powered system we can distribute AIRCOIN rewards to those who engage in more health-seeking behaviours.

There are many in-built mechanisms to earn our tokens within the App. These methods has already awarded over 10,000+ AIRCOIN to active users (Beta Testers).

In line with our social media health economy goals, users who consume quality Medical contents are rewarded for reading articles, making valuable comments, posting their health status, and creating quality Medical articles as well.

Users can also spend their earned tokens within our giant ecosystem of health experts and enthusiasts online and offline. They can gain access to one-on-one Video calls and chats with Doctors on Duty. They can also use AIRCOIN to purchase Medical equipments, drugs, laboratory tests and even pay for offline Medical consultations.

This chart below should diagrammatically explain what we do and how our Token Economy operates. Take a minute to study it to understand the extent of our innovation.


Before we delve into the nitty-gritty let’s give you a quick summary of the main points.

Total Token Supply – 300 million tokens
Circulating Supply – 240 million tokens

Distribution Percentages

PRE-SALES: 5% which equates to 15million tokens
SALES/ICO: 30% which equates to 120million tokens
REWARD POOL/AIRDROPS: 20% which equates to 60million tokens
ASSET DEVELOPMENT: 10% which equates to 30million tokens
PROMOTION & ADVERTISEMENT​: 5% which equates to 15million tokens
TEAM & STAFF: 10% which equates to 30million tokens
RESERVE: 20% which equates to 60million tokens


This is in keeping with the overall demand and supply of AIRCOIN. We are envisaging a huge demand for affordable alternatives to the expensive centralized healthcare systems globally.

Also as can be seen in the charts, the reward pool will serve as the continous incentive for more people to engage in health-seeking behaviours.

If this becomes a trend, we are definitely going to cut the incidence of ailments by more than half by using a Social incentive method. Our approach to solving this age old problem of healthcare is definitely unique.


When we officially announce our presales, there will be 15million tokens for grabs by early investors. This will be 5% of the total available token.

We are already opening our doors early enough to interested Angel investors, VCs, and blockchain tech sponsors who want to participate and start owning AIRCOIN shares on our Network.

Since AIRCOIN is an ERC20TOKEN, we will be accepting Ethereum for the Presales. During our ICO we can expand the options with more tokens.

Minimum Accepted Amount : 1 Ethereum

Presale Soft Cap: 1000 Ethereum

Presale Hard Cap: 5000 Ethereum.

More details coming soon…stay tuned!


We are rapidly overhauling​ the healthcare system worldwide using a hybrid blockchain rewards system to incentivize health-seeking behaviours and preventative measures.

Judging from the success of our one month experimental usage of the platform and how users enjoyed the experience, we know it is something we must continue.

This may be the “golden egg” of the ancient healthcare dilemna. Only time will tell.

Meanwhile, we have officially placed our Android Mobile App on Google PLAYSTORE. Also we are launching our 1Million Airdrops/Bounty Campaign to promote the launch.

What are you still waiting for? Join us let’s change the world together one healthy user at a time!

Live Healthy, Earn Rewards! 🏥💛💲

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —



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